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  • Made for the coffee lover
  • Easy to use
  • Great for the office
  • Makes a great gift
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Test Drive: Cafelat Robot
Who should use this? For folks who exclusively drink espresso or milk beverages, they may be better off spending the extra dough on something more convenient and practical for both espresso and milk frothing. However, for those of us who appreciate an espresso occasionally, the Cafelat Robot would be a great middle ground for its price compared to a semi-automatic. Tune in next week, where we’ll feature an appropriate accessory to this item, the Bellman Stovetop Steamer
1 month ago
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Are Flair products considered disposable?
Flair has never been one to produce improvements that are retrofittable to previous models. I suggest checking out Cafelat Robot. The founder Paul produces improvements that can be retrofit to previous models. I have one incase you have questions.
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Upgrade from Moka pot?
You can look into manual espresso makers, 9barista, Flair, Cafelat Robot, La Pavoni etc
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I declare it morning all day today until it gets dark.
Kinu M47 Phoenix + Cafelat Robot + Bellman steamer gets the job done every day!
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But now the time has come to have something to make an espresso at home as well!. The setup we chose consists of Cafelat Robot and Niche Zero grinder. I almost bought the Gaggia Classic Pro with some mods and planned to add the PID to it but then I discovered the review of the Robot and some comparison articles and I fell in love with it. We also plan to purchase Dualit Milk Frother for the occasional milk drinks, although we know we won’t reach the steam wand performance with it.
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Cafelat Robot Review: The Ultimate Manual Espresso Maker?
Check out my Flair 58 review here.) Conclusion If you’re one of those people who are ready for a new hobby (which espresso is) and you want a sturdy, cool-looking, and capable option, the Cafelat Robot is currently the best option on the market. Sure, it’s pricey for something that can’t make a latte, and at the same time, requires you to work for your shot, but when it comes to connoisseurship, that’s the name of the game
Are espressos machines viable for home?
I'm a relatively new owner of a Cafelat Robot (about a month in) and I have to say, I personally found home espresso surprisingly easy. At least with this machine, there's no preheating required (though some do it anyways, and it can help with lighter roasts), so from front-to-back it's really quick to pull a shot. Much faster than making an AeroPress or a pourover, for sure, and the cleanup is super easy as well. I'm at a point now where I basically never make filter coffee anymore because espresso is actually faster and easier (and I prefer the taste anyways).
Are expense machines really worth it at the end of the day?
I went for a Cafelat Robot, the main appeal of manual machines to me (either Robot or the Flair) being that you can get the same quality as some of these $4000 machines, but it will take more investment in time to get there.
Best espresso machine for under $500?
If she wants milk drinks, I'd recommend the Breville Bambino + Unpressurized filter. If she doesn't, I'd recommend the Cafelat Robot.
You'll need an espresso capable grinder along with these.
Built to last more than a lifetime: 1955 Faema Marte espresso machine. Daily driver in my kitchen.
Maybe some of you might appreciate the Cafelat Robot. Not that old (yet) but still my daily driver :)