Bialetti Moka Express

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  • Great for making coffee
  • Easy to use
  • Good quality, good price
  • As Italian, it's your regular, classic moka just the way it should be
  • Having purchased, or received as gifts, several moka pots over the years


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Not a coffee buff
I wouldn't by any means consider myself a big "coffee guy." But i do live in Colorado and that's gotta count for something? This espresso maker has been fantastic. I start every morning with a latte and this is about as stupid-proof as it gets! The brewer only makes a small cup unfortunately (4.4 oz...
Aaron Voss
3 years ago
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It's really good for the person who only wants a few ounces of around 3 ounces. I needed a bigger pot but I'm not returning this one. I like it!!
miguel a diaz
1 year ago
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Hey guys,. I brewed my first espresso today in a bialetti moka pot (4 cup) using Lavazza espresso coffee grounds and boy was it bitter. It was just too bitter and had a little bit burnt smell even when i kept the flame on low.
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***BEWARE!!! I received a FAKE one!!!***
Words alone can not describe how disappointed I am with this product (so yay, congratulations! You left me no choice but to write my first amazon review!). I was so so so soooooo excited to use this to make my own espresso but the minute I opened the package and started observing the product, I real...
Amazon Customer
4 years ago
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Great price, great little unit, would definitely buy again!
I really love Cuban coffee, but since I live in a small town, in a cold weather climate state, if I want Cafe con Leche at home, I have to make it myself. After a ton of research, including reading reviews and watching YouTube videos, I decided to get the 3 cup Bialetti. You can't go wrong with the ...
Kristen L.
8 years ago
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Great moka pot
Had other moka pots this the original and works the best. Glad I got this one, perfect...
Rocco C.
7 months ago
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Everything You Need to Know About the Bialetti Moka Express
Bialetti. A household name and an essential rite in Italy for almost ninety years, this unique homebrew gadget is increasingly gaining traction here in the United States. Although technically not espresso, it is as close to being espresso without having to own an actual espresso machine.
Here at W...
7 months ago
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Great coffee but take your time brewing it
This makes really excellent coffee when using Illy's special coffee grind for Moka pots. The 3-cup pot yields about two servings of coffee that I would put at somewhere around 85% of the strength of an espresso.
7 months ago
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Can someone tell me what the heck this is? Found it amongst my grandfather's things along with a mokapot.
Cuccumella, Neapolitan Flip Pot, there’s many names.
It was one of the first Italian machines that was elaborated for making coffee.
It was thoroughly crushed by the Moka Pot very quickly for the ease of use.
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Steel + Aluminum combination caused corrosion almost immediately
I used it for 2 weeks and followed the directions but it quickly corroded. I have a family member in the metal treatment business and he said the following of this product: "We looked at it under 10-30x magnification and the whole inside is covered with corrosion pits - little crevices, holes, and f...
4 years ago
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