B&W 706 S2

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  • Great for the price
  • Good bass response
  • High sensitivity and low distortion
  • Easy to setup and use


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B&W 706 S2 or Kef R3
Steve Hoffman Music Forums Home Forums > Discussions > Audio Hardware >
Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Donaldski, Jan 18, 2021.
Steve Hoffman Music Forums Home Forums > Discussions > Audio Hardware >
Moved from my studenthouse to a nice apartment, I can listen to music in peace now
Installing this was a breeze compared to my previous receiver. No more tulip to a optic cable converter and other hacks to make it work. A simple HDMI ARC, subwoofer cable and the speakers and I was done.
72 hours of ownership b&w 706 s2 and svs sb2000
B&w 706 s2... Vocals are GREAT. Instrument separation is spot on... And they have a surprisingly full presentation for bookshelves. I could easily listen without a sub and enjoy these.
Sweet meditation
Auditioned several floorstanders in the 1000-5000 EUR range; Dynaudio, Dali, KEF, Focal, B&W, Audiovector. I quickly realised I didn’t always find the more expensive models to be worth the price difference. For me, It came down to the Dali Rubicon 6 or the B&W 702 S2. Price around 4200 EUR for either model.
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The B&W 706 S2 Speaker Review vs KEF LS50 and Falcon LS3/5a | Steve Huff Photo
I love them, and with the right amp and setup in your room I do not see many being unhappy here. The 706S2’s are a great option in the $2000 price range and I highly recommend a listen if you get a chance!.
4 months ago
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Revel M106, I am simply amazed.
I’d been researching them for a while and got to a dealer to check them out. They were very accommodating and patient. They let me try out the B&W 706 s2, and the Revel F206.
Any other music like this where the sound stage just seems to be all around me? Kinda blown away listening to this.
Have my Marantz PM7000M and B&W 706 S2s and I am diversifying into other music because I am in awe at just how good most music sounds but some songs like in the OP blow me away. Looking for pieces similar where you can close your eyes and just get lost in it. The song in the OP did just that for me, it felt like there was no 2 channel audio, felt all around me.
This is where I have landed in my hifi journey ☺
I have only used integrated Amp before and have been using this Musical Fidelity A3.2 pre and power combo along with matching CD player, Project turntable and B&W 706 S2s recently and listening to music is a joy. Building my own place and have been planning to give these a good breathing space in a suitable room.
Bowers & Wilkins 707 S2 review: Space-age materials and beautiful design for high-end music
Yet some people like speakers with a forward sound, and as such they are the most forward of the 700 series I heard.As the rears in a surround sound system based on the say the 706s or 705s these little speakers would excel, but as the main event there are plenty of cheaper speakers which will give you a more structured and musical experience. Try Elac's UB5 or B&W's own 685 S2 instead
Ty Pendlebury
4 months ago
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New Speaker Day Tekton Lore Reference
Overall, very non-fussy speakers that sound excellent without getting distorted at high volumes. With the BE tweeter option, they aren't missing any detail either.




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