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Apple AirPods (1st. Gen)

No Longer Used

Left earbud stopped working after 5 years use (3 years daily and 2 years occasionaly) but in my opinion good enough for a consumer product

Coming from wired earbuds the convenience is great Sound quality is pretty good (for non audiophile listeners) Perfect for the gym Battery is still ok Switched to the AirPods Pro now

Owned for 5 years, used daily

Would buy again

Apple Mac mini 2010


Brackets for attatching RAM

It was a good computer and lasted a long time without any issues, I used it for work and then kept it going after my upgrade because it was the only one that would work with my monitor. The breakage could have been cause by the broken RAM brackets causing some kind of corruption in RAM or storage. I paid MSRP, can’t find what it was.

Owned for 10 years, used daily

Would not buy again

Apple iPhone XR


Phone broke after being dropped in the sink despite claiming that it could withstand 3m of water.

The Design was nice, the operating system worked well, great overall product, just don't take the water rating seriously.

Owned for 3 years, used daily

Would not buy again

Apple iPad Pro (2nd generation)


Yellow glow has manifested in the border of the iPad screen. Especially evident on a white background.

Excellent drawing tablet and manga reader

Owned for 2.5 years, used daily

Would buy again

Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Gen

Needed Warranty Repair

Active noise cancellation and transparency caused high pitched sound out of left ear bud

Excellent product but quality and durability are a concern

Owned for 1 years, used daily

Would buy again

Apple iPhone 11

Wear and Tear

Display backlight is showing a slightly dimmer spot on the right corner, only visible when using light mode/using apps with white UIs. Battery capacity is at 77%, phone doesn’t last a full day unless I use LPM for the entire day.

It’s been well worth the money.

Owned for 2.5 years, used daily

Would buy again


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