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The 7 Best Headphones - Spring 2022
The best earbuds we've tested are the Apple AirPods Pro Truly Wireless. These sleek in-ears are equipped with an ANC system that blocks out a great amount of ambient sound and have a couple of extra features that are unique to iOS devices. They have an H1 chip, which allows you to seamlessly pair them with your Apple devices
4 months ago
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The review no one asked for: ranking (almost) all the Apple/Beats H1/W1 options
The champs. These combine the best Apple ANC with transparency mode, solid aesthetics, super-low distortion, amazing bluetooth range, long battery life and... a comfortable, stable fit that requires some getting used to.
2 years ago
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Airpods make more money than Spotify, Twitter, Snapchat, and Shopify combined
AirPods are objectively great and it has taken 3 years for anything better to come out (and I would rather have seamless pairing than negligible audio quality improvements), but fashion is absolutely part of this.The same is true of the iPod and of the iPhone. To me, that doesn’t diminish from the fact that those are/were best-in-class products, but the ubiquity is absolutely based on fashion.The same is true of the Apple Watch.
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The Best Apple AirPods Pro Tips and Tricks
Apple's AirPods Pro are a significant upgrade over the regular AirPods. The base model allows you to listen to your favorite music and podcasts, talk to Siri, trigger features with a tap, check the battery charge, and find them if they’re missing. But with the Pro, you can get a better fit, fu...
Lance Whitney
7 months ago
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I want some great headphones for music!
I’m an Airpods Pro user. I have been using them for over a year.
2 years ago
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List of Features/Changes compared to Airpods (v2)
Like iphone 11 Pro, Macbook Pro, Airpad Pro; the "Pro" denotes a higher end product. Compared to the Airpods (version 2) highest end model (with wireless charging case*); the Airpods Pro is $50 more MSRP. Compared to the non wireless case version it's $90 more *Airpods Pro does have wireless chargin...
3 years ago
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I Use Mine Daily
As I sat on my computer today, perusing options to buy another set of Apple’s AirPods Pro, it dawned on me: it’s about time I write a review for these bad boys, because I’ve used mine almost daily for the past year-and-a-half. If you’re new to the world of Apple’s headphones and earbuds, you may not...
Zach T.
1 year ago
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AirPods Pro 2 rumors: Release date, new design and everything else we've heard
Apple sells the current AirPods Pro for $249, although you can usually find them for less elsewhere.
Lisa Eadicicco
7 months ago
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Better fit, better sound, higher price
The AirPods Pro do come close to perfecting the original AirPods concept, though: the in-ear design will fit more ears, the noise cancellation outperforms what you’d expect from tiny earbuds, and they sound better than ever (and the old ones already sounded good enough for millions of people).
Chris Welch
7 months ago
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M | 20 | Student, US Navy
It’s changed a lot from when I was a civilian to be pretty streamlined and light. All of these items are pretty much the perfect version of what I’m looking for in both form and function. **Watch:** Oris Movember 2018 (Big Crown Pointer Date). **Headphones:** Apple AirPods Pro, Nomad leather case.
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