Bose 901

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  • Great for any home stereo
  • 4 of them you've got your own concert hall
  • Be careful, they can break your windows
  • Sound alright, don't sound like the retail of 1400 though LOL
  • Maybe 400 at best with everything included


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Five Stars
works well shipped on time with no damage
5 years ago
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Having owned them and done the "how TF do I make these sound good here?" thing over a span of \~20 years and a number of different rooms, I feel they're too close to the wall and too low (but not by much since you're seated when listening). That said, it looks like a good space for what they are capable of doing, but if you're utterly obsessive (and if you're trying to make 901's work in a room smaller than a stadium, you're *obsessive* :P ) there's even for the Bose a bit too much opportunity to reflect in that small sparse space. Certain wall treatment - not huge - might be worthwhile if you have a few years to experiment.
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I think I need to leave r/audiophile.
Bose 901 has a respected lineage and congratulations on finding a great setup for your room and ears!
Bose 901 loudspeaker
By the same token, loudspeakers which radiate their lows in one direction (they are nondirectional after they leave the speaker) seem less prone to excite all the room resonances than ones which radiate from front and rear or front and sides. True omnidirectional (360-degree) bass radiators make it harder still to control standing waves, and that appears to be one of the problems with the Bose 901. The 901 is neither an omnidirectional radiator nor a true doublet (front-and-rear) radiator
4 months ago
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Finally finished my listening corner. (For now)
I'm not going to bore anyone with a review people have read a million times, but in short it took me forever to find the sweet spot for them (which is actually about 2 feet further into the room). But tucked back they still sound very good for my taste and if I'm listening alone I'll pull them out. I think I got a little lucky with them because if I bury them in the corner they sound like absolute trash so I could see how room constraints could make these review really poorly. For anyone interested, the first 3 are obvious but either way; Bose 901 IV, Yamaha Cr2020, Yamaha YP-450, Sony TC-188SD, Sony PS-FL1.
... put on them put them on they are that good I also got a pair of the yacht 301's ...
I give these bows 901 is at least five stars if they have anymore started to put on them put them on they are that good I also got a pair of the yacht 301's they are magnificent and I recommend either or to anybody if they enjoy music and love the sound of music get these 301 if you can't afford to ...
Donald hitesell
6 years ago
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Focal Chora 826 + Cambridge Audio CXA61
The sound is so clean too. I also started looking at streaming and realised I didn't need a wifi streamer.
Aspiring audiophile
My main listening experience is normally through a pair of studio monitors for mixing my own music or headphones for enjoying, but this is a nice change. What do you guys think about the 901’s? As i move into the world of speakers more I get more and more confused on what I’m looking for, these have a nice natural sound but aren’t the most detailed speakers I’ve heard.
Flashback 1968: The Bose 901 Speaker System
My partner, Gladden Houck, concurs to the extent that he considers it a very fine system, certainly the equal of anything at or near its price. The Bose 901 system, consisting of two speaker units and the equalizer, is priced at $476.
4 months ago
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As title states just got the 901 with the lowes sale $150 for tool, 5ah, 2ah, and charger. Took it straight out of the box no charge on the 5ah battery and took my lugnuts right off at 80ft-lbs. I realize this is no where near how it’s spec’d but I’ve seen some reviews about it not taking off lugnuts and it didn’t even struggle at 80ft-lbs.


Power Output

30 Watts


1 ohms

Frequency Response

83 to 15,000 Hz


91.2 dB