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Bose QC30

Needed Warranty Repair

Circuit board in left side of neck band broke, left ear would hiss intermittently. Had this problem on 4x QC30 models, each time covered under warranty by Bose.

Great sound and noise cancelling, lightweight on the ears since the battery is in neck band.

Owned for 1 years, used daily

Would buy again

Bose QC35


The power button. After 3 years of daily use the power button started failing and would the device would not turn off. Updates from Bose app included automatically shutting device down but that did not rectify the issue. Contacted Bose to see if I could get some help since it was out of warranty, but was offered a 30% discount for the new(at that time) Bose QC 35 ii. So wasn't satisfied with the results, decided to repair the device since it still worked. Took apart the device and opened up the power switch and pinched the contact prongs closer together and is still working to this day. Causes for failure if the power switched is pressed down too hard the contactor prongs will spread out and will always be in the "on" pads. Especially if it's in the travel case and something heaving is on the case pressing down on the power switch.

Great ANC Bluetooth headphones. Going strong after 6 years of daily use. Besides the inconvenience of first generation power button. Failure

Owned for 6 years, used daily

Would buy again

Bose QuietComfort II

Wear and Tear

The power button seems to stop responding, leaving the headphones in a frozen state no matter what. Best way to fix it is to hold the action button and push the switch forward into paring mode.

Amazing headphones despite the tiny issues, the dual device connectivity is the best.

Owned for 4 years, used daily

Would buy again

Bose QC35

Needed Warranty Repair

Power switch failed and headphones would not turn off.

Used daily with no other problems other than replacing the ear cushions once (routine wear and tear). Bose replaced them out of warranty for FREE because power switch failure is a known issue.

Owned for 5 years, used daily

Would buy again

Bose Soundlink

Early Failure

Speaker stopped working almost to the day after warranty expired. Tried all fixes I could find and none worked.

The color, blue

Owned for 1 years, used monthly

Would not buy again

Bose Quiet Comfort II

Needed Warranty Repair

Started turning on by itself, even when power switch was set to "off", sent in for replacement following this fault. Ear pad material started splitting on one of the cups, replaced fairly easily with a replacement bought online.

Used daily, with them being heavily used (5-8 hours a day, every day) since the pandemic started. Battery life and noise cancellation did not degrade significantly Incredibly comfortable, only headphones I've ever had that I could wear for that long. Getting free replacement of the newer model (qc45) despite being well out of warranty.

Owned for 4 years, used daily

Would buy again


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