Blood Rage

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  • Great for a small group
  • Components are amazing, high quality and contain a lot of detail
  • If you like miniature games and/or enjoy painting these are perfect for you
  • A lot of fans
  • End of the world


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Somehow a Perfect gateway Game
Blood Rage has become my most successful gateway board game. This has surprised me greatly because it really shouldn't be a gateway game. Somehow, though, every time I've introduced this game to people they take to it really quickly and thoroughly enjoy it. After the first age it becomes rather clea...
Casey J. Fowler
5 years ago
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Blood Rage Digital Edition Review
The gameplay is exceptional with strategic and tactical choices that indeed validates the rating it gets on BoardGameGeek. When played at a full player count, it’s an exciting brawl of epic proportions. When creating a multiplayer game, AI or real players can be added
3 months ago
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For example they didn’t like Scythe or Blood Rage because they were too cut throat. I am worried the combat in Dune Imperium will be a turn off for them.
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What game have you regretted not kickstarting?
The original Blood Rage for everything. Not a fan of the re-introduced stuff with different sculpts, and I had some of the retail expansions at that point.
BLOOD RAGE: DIGITAL EDITION Review: A Tabletop Giant Trips Over Its Own Digital Feet — GameTyrant
Solo play, local play, and online play mean that you can get a lot more bang for your buck than with big boxes that you can’t always pull off the shelf for a game night.I’m hopeful that within a few months, all of the bugs will be fixed, the UI will be updated with patches, and that the game will look a lot more like what I envisioned when it was first announced.The potential for high replay value in Blood Rage: Digital Edition is there
3 months ago
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Help me cull my collection
Blood Rage). The **Gloomhaven expansion** (I think that's what is in the pic) wasn't worth it, especially if you have Jaws of the Lion, haven't finished a campaign, and/or have Frosthaven coming. We personally got rid of **Lords of Waterdeep** after playing newer worker placement designs that still played well with new players (e.g. Raiders, Champions of Midgard).
Review: Blood Rage - Shut Up & Sit Down
So there you have it! Against the odds, Shut Up & Sit Down does not recommend Blood Rage.
3 months ago
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Games that disappointed
It promises big monsters and battles and stuff, but fighting and losing is so incredibly punishing that it's almost never worth it. If you aren't 100% certain that you will win, you might just lose the game on turn one. I feel like if you took out the theme and swapped it for something that promised less, it'd actually be quite good, but it just feels like every mechanic is fighting tooth-and-nail *against* the premise of big monsters and cool battles, and anything that the name "Blood Rage" suggests.
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what are your favorite games with the worst components? worst games with the best components?
I know lots of people love it, but I found Blood Rage to be pretty meh in spite of its fantastic minis.
What Did You Play This Week? - (September 27, 2021)
**Blood Rage** (5p) - We made a few rules goofs and the game dragged a bit, but I'd still be interested in trying it again. I liked the engine building take on area control, but it was a bit too chaotic for my tastes. **C+**.








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