Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO

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  • Great for mixing and mastering
  • Comfortable, durable build
  • Semi-open design doesn't block ambient noise
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Good noise cancellation


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My go to for nearly 10 years.
I listen to lots of music every day. I edit a podcast and I mess around with a monophonic synthesizer from time to time. These things are on my head every day. I got these as my first pair of "serious" headphones after the obligatory Audio Technicas I'd been using before. Back in probably 2012, I we...
Amazon Customer
1 year ago
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At first the thing sounded like it was the holy grail of high definition and ...
If you're SERIOUS about your music, read this: I've had the Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro (250 Ohm) for nearly a year. At first the thing sounded like it was the holy grail of high definition and modern music. The bass was tight, and since I'm an electronic music producer, I thought it was perfect. But as...
8 years ago
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Beyerdynamic DT 880
The DT 880 are good critical listening headphones with a well-balanced and open sound. They have a durable build, and they're decently comfortable, but they're a bit cumbersome to carry around without a bag. Also, their semi-open design doesn't block ambient noise, leaks a lot and isn't really intended for any other use case except critical listening in an isolated environment.
Sam Vafaei
4 months ago
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Personally, I would like it to be a little bit warmer, but overall this is a fabulous headphone for the money. My personal favourite in the 150€ range.
Amazing for the studio, but don’t expect these to be your all-day/all-purpose headphones
The sound quality is excellent for mixing and mastering. Has a decent soundstage and the separation of details compared to my previous closed cans (m50x) was so notable my ears had to go through an adjustment period. Have seen an improvement in the clarity of my mixes since using them. Also very enj...
3 years ago
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Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro Review
Beyerdynamic's DT 880 Pro headphones do very little sculpting, manage to provide strong bass depth without inventing lows where they don't exist, and provide excellent clarity throughout the frequency range. For $220, they're a worthwhile investment worthy of our Editors' Choice. The Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro headphones deliver an accurate, powerful listening experience intended for musicians, sound engineers, and music lovers with stereo systems
Tim Gideon
4 months ago
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I want these headphones to pull double duty as my critical listening headphones while I’m at my desk (so I want good detail reproduction), but also as my gaming pair (so comfort and imaging are of paramount importance). Sound signature I’m looking for is either neutral, or slightly V-shaped.
Comfort and great sound
These are excellent semi-open back headphones with amazingly neutral audio. The comfort level is beyond anything I’ve used before. As they are semi-open noise cancellation is not their purpose. For that choose the beyerdynamic DT - 770 closed back. Similarly, for mixing choose the DT-990 open back m...
Dwight L. Wilcox, II
2 years ago
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The whole midrange is just smooth with nothing drowned out in the upper or lower mids. And the treble; I'm hearing horns and high hats and just little subtle background details during casual listening that I never noticed. I started thinking "I'll just listen to a couple songs and see how these things perform, then flip on the speakers for the afternoon". Now I'm just listening because my god it's so good.
Name a headphone that gets too much attention in this sub and one that doesn’t get enough. Go
sennheiser hd 600; lots of attention
beyerdynamic dt 880; not enough attention


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