Audio-Technica AT85EP

Audio-Technica AT85EP

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Great value for the price
Solid choice for upgrading from a stock cartridge
Good sound quality
Compatible with a wide variety of upgrade styli
Easy to install
Not as high quality as more expensive options
Some reviewers had difficulty with installation
Some reviewers suggest pairing with a higher-end stylus for even better performance


Overall, the Audio-Technica AT85EP is highly recommended by reviewers as a budget-friendly option for turntable cartridges. Many reviewers note that it provides good sound quality for its price and is a solid choice for those looking to upgrade from a stock cartridge. Some reviewers suggest pairing it with a higher-end stylus for even better performance. While some reviewers mention other turntable options, they generally agree that the AT85EP is a good starting point for those on a budget. Installation can be a bit tricky, but overall, reviewers are satisfied with their purchase.


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