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  • Great for gaming
  • Excellent response time at the max refresh rate
  • Very clear motion with little blur behind fast-moving objects
  • First one died after
  • ELMB is not as good as ULMB


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The 6 Best 1440p 144Hz Monitors - Spring 2022
Sadly, it doesn't perform as well at 60Hz, as it has a noticeably slower response time with more overshoot. It also has narrow viewing angles, so it's not ideal for co-op gaming. Although it has its flaws, it's a good monitor overall with great gaming performance that should please most gamers
5 months ago
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I've been looking for a good 32" panel for general use and gaming (meaning 1440p, 144hz, and freesync/gsync) to replace my aging 27" IPS panel. So I decided to try the Asus vg32vq, both because of the elmb sync (which apparently is broken af) and because of the supposed better black levels of VA panels.
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Not sure if I got a defective unit or what but this monitor was pretty bad considering the price and the brand. I ended up returning it because the response time was bad.. there was a noticeable ghosting effect which was worse than my 6 year old Acer GN246HL 24" 144hz that I am trying to upgrade. MR...
Anonymous Guy
2 years ago
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Runs 4k 60hz AND 2650x1440 at 120hz
Amazing! I’m writing a review to answer my own questions before I purchased ! In the xbox series x tv resolution settings , This TV supports 4k at 60hz for certain apps but it also supports 2560x1440p at 120hz for games . It’s Perfect option for next gen consoles ! Very crisp .
jenifer finger
2 years ago
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ELMB is currently awful and pointless
I was excited to get this monitor because of the ELMB. Having all the benefits of ULMB without the drawbacks of losing variable refresh rate? Sounds wonderful! Well, in practice, it's actually awful. ELMB causes noticeable artifacting around an object moving on the screen. TFT Central shows this sam...
Kevin A. Nash
3 years ago
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This monitor is STUNNING! ASUS quality has always been second to none and this is no exception!
To be clear, I've had 2 of these, and the first one died after a day. This is not a reflection of ASUS or shipping or whatnot. Sometimes this just happens with electronics. Amazon was great about getting me a replacement. I packed it back up, slapped on the prepaid label and my new monitor arrived t...
Ian B.
2 years ago
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Am I just extremely unlucky? 6 FI32U in, all defective in some way
ASUS TUF Gaming 32" VG32VQ (stuck pixels) | Amazon. ASUS ROG Strix XG32VC 31.5” (long line mid)| Amazon. GIGABYTE M32Q |newegg. \-First one multiple stuck pixels.
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Great discounted price for so many great features; features that cost more on other monitors
Wow! What an amazing monitor for the price. I tried to look for a monitor with all these features. What I was looking for was 1440p at144 hz. This monitor is capable of 165 htz using the display cable. It also has a very good color spectrum @ 120% sRBG and HDR 10 and HDR for gaming and it even has a...
2 years ago
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Honestly a horrible experience!
I was super excited for this to come in, but I quickly learned how horrible this monitor is. First off the menu system is nonexistent. I could not get the menu to come up no matter what I did. The thumb stick on the back would just scroll through the inputs. I followed what the manual said in order ...
2 years ago
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not G-Sync compatable with any rtx card. as mentioned in the description. it's just a bold faced lie
as mentioned in the head line. not G-Sync compatible with any rtx card. as mentioned in the description. it's just a bold faced lie. I have an Asus brand RTX 2070 super. Nvida control panel says this Monitor VG32VQR in not G-Sync compatible. So I checked what Asus's web site had to say and the follo...
Kindle Customer
1 year ago
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Display Type

LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix

Energy Class

Class G

Energy Class (HDR)

Class G

Energy Consumption per Year

100 kWh