Apple Watch SE

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  • Great for fitness, but not for smartwatch use
  • Good battery life
  • Screen is easy to read and see in sunlight
  • Not waterproof
  • No cellular capabilities


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useless watch
This is the only apple watch that does not have adjustable auto dimming.
You cannot see it in the dark! it is unbelievable, check the reviews online before buying.
Had to return it for an 7.
The solution online is to shine your phone flashlight at it! Unbelievable!
9 months ago
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I’m not sure how many people encountered this issue but I bought an Apple Watch SE about 5 months ago and ended up returning it because I was not satisfied with it’s tracking accuracy. I asked around on this sub and started wondering if I just got a faulty example. Fast forward 5 months and I ended up buying a Series 7 because I was actually pretty satisfied with the AW as an actual smart watch and convinced myself that it might track a little better than the SE because it’s newer, right?
Does not come with a charge block
So looking forward to using this watch too bad I now have to wait for the charge block that comes separately( for an extra charge) Why isn’t that made clear when you order it. Not happy!! So unfortunately I can’t review anything until it’s charged.
1 year ago
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Good for the money
I wish the battery life was better but I can get two days out of it before needing to charge it. Yes I turn it off at night to help save the battery. You get what you pay for here though. It works as it should and lets me answer calls, text, and notifications for my other apps.
Kayla Geyer
17 days ago
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Rant about the Apple Watch and how it improved my life!
to go out and move. It is a great feeling to go to bed with all three rings closed - it is a mission accomplished moment and it makes me feel like you actually achieved something during the day. One thing I noticed after half a year wearing the watch was my resting heart rate getting lower and lower and my cardio fitness getting higher and higher. I started bellow average cardio fitness - at 44 - and now I am on 48.2.
1 year ago
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Apple Watch SE Review
The SE offers a larger display, a faster processor, and enough new safety features to make the extra $80 a worthwhile investment.
Angela Moscaritolo
7 months ago
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35% of iPhone users in the U.S. now wear an Apple Watch
I just got a Watch SE and I'm absolutely loving it. It's getting me more active.
2 years ago
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Apple Watch 6 vs. Apple Watch SE: Every big difference
Available in iPhones starting with the iPhone 11 line, this chip is for "spatial awareness," and it helps devices find other devices more precisely when they're in close proximity. When it debuted, Apple said this chip would improve AirDrop, a service that lets iPhone users quickly share files with nearby iPhones. Tantalizingly, Apple added that "that's just the beginning" of its uses. Many believe that the U1 chip actually laid the groundwork for the Apple AirTags..Read more: Apple Watch SE vs Series 6 vs. Series 3: How to choose?.Both the Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE are compatible with WatchOS 8.
Lynn La
7 months ago
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The new default Apple Watch is here
Overall, if you’re shopping for your first Apple Watch, the Watch SE is a very compelling option.
Dan Seifert
7 months ago
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[Other] Apple Watch Series 6 (Product RED) - $250 ($150 OFF / 38% OFF)
It’s been extremely helpful on my journey to improve my health and with Apple One it’s a fantastic device. Highly recommend for those who were considering an Apple Watch SE because this has an always-on OLED screen and extra health sensor (Blood O2). Also, Product RED means a small portion of proceeds go to a good cause. If red isn’t your thing, you can get a different band and only have your watch casing be red.




Model Name

Apple Watch SE



Screen Size

40 Millimeters