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  • Great for the price
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • 1ms response time
  • Curved screen
  • Gaming features and settings


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Good luck. You will need it for the panel lottery.
tl;dr. AOC 24G2 is a great monitor if (1) you luck out in the panel lottery, or (2) you're willing to overlook dead subpixels and/or glaring uniformity issues for the cheap price tag. tl;dr2. Beware AOC 24G2 doesn't have 126% "gamut coverage" of the sRGB color space. Its actual sRGB gamut coverage i...
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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Triple AOC 24g2u setup coming through
I had a single 24G2U as secondary screen before and was always happy with the performance which is why I finally pulled the trigger and went for the surround setup. A CRG9 or G9 would have been better, probably, but these cost a fraction and I get the best of both worlds. If I happen to need higher resolution in the near future, I'll grab an 4k OLED tv or something :). No wall mount yet because drywall and I'll need to get another desk for clamps, but that is on the list.
This is garbage with a screen...
The media could not be loaded. How does this thing have nearly 5 star reviews?! I have NEVER owned a monitor that looked this bad in my life... The ghosting is unreal... The image is blurry.. The settings are terrible... I returned my first one thinking I received a bad screen and got another only t...
Joshua M
2 years ago
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TUF VG249Q—$230 cop or drop?
I'm not a fan of the pointy gamerish look on the AOC 24G2U (stand and colour accents). It doesn't have too many reviews because it hasn't been out in many regions of the world for too long, so hopefully after the covid-19 situation more reviewers will review it. I'd say, cop.
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AOC 24G2 Review, The Best 1080p 144Hz Monitor You Can Get!
This monitor is both the best 1080p 144 Hertz display on the market and the best bang for a buck. Anyone that's already bought one and is just checking out this review to see if they've already bought a good product should be very happy and anyone buying one afterwards should be excited to receive his stellar product. Well done
Hardware Unboxed
5 months ago
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This is a good monitor for its price point. Comparing to other monitors of the same resolution found in stores this is actually a bargain. The gaming features and 144hz 1ms response are a major plus. Anything like that in stores like Bestbuy is min. $300 or up. *** Sidenote MONITOR IS 27' DIAGONAL. ...
B. Moran
1 year ago
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27" monitor too big?
Based from my experience i recommend a 1080p monitor for a gtx 1660 ti. 1440p is a bit heavy for a 1660 ti, but if you plan on buying a new GPU in the near future a 1440p monitor is a valid option. If you don’t plan on upgrading the GPU, i recommend a 24” 1080p monitor, like the AOC 24G2U.
How to Remove Ghosting
Use the red knob on the back and navigate to game settings. Change shadow control to 60 and overdrive to strong. In luminance, change contrast to 85, brightness 30.
1 year ago
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AOC 24G2 24" 1080p 144hz great initial impression
*picture shows size comparison next to a 27" monitor This is my first time purchasing an AOC product. If the quality of this monitor reflects the quality of AOC products, then I am looking forward to purchasing more AOC products. Obviously, my time with this monitor is short, I just received it a fe...
3 years ago
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/r/Monitors Purchasing Advice thread (Other purchasing advice threads will be removed)
**AOC 24G2U (24" , IPS, 144hz, HD/2K)**. This is the budget-budget version for me shaving another 100€ off the price for a total cost of only 200€. Worth considering as I'm a student on a tight budget and it still gives me an IPS panel and fit my absolute minimum requirements.
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LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix

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