Altra Lone Peaks

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  • Great for long distance running
  • Shoe is light and comfortable
  • Shoes are durable and have good traction on the trail
  • There is no break in period needed with this shoe


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Altra Lone Peak 6 Performance Review » Believe in the Run
Altra Lone Peak 6 Conclusion. TAYLOR: The Lone Peak series has a great following, and for a good reason. A very natural running feel is what you’ll get from top to bottom
2 months ago
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I picked up a pair of Loan Peaks used at REI (a return). They seem pretty comfortable and might be a good compromise between my other two options above, but I do find the shoe a little sloshy feeling to wear and wonder about the grip (if that even matters on this trip).
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Swing and a Miss. AGAIN!!!!
I’ve previously owned Lone Peak 4, Timp 1.5, and Superior 4. All of these shoes were great fitting with the wide toe box. I have a wide toe box and high instep but a narrow heel so finding shoes that aren’t too tight or sloppy fitting is hard. The best shoe I ever owned was the Timp 1.5. For some re...
Amazon Customer
1 year ago
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I have worn through 7 pairs of lone peaks. When I tried on the LP 4.5s I was furious that altra trimmed the toe box down, it was a slap in the face. No worries for the wide toes crowd, the LP5 wide sizes are amazing, full absolution granted to Altra.
2 years ago
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Footwear for Laugavegur Trail Iceland
I did the same trail in 2018 wearing Altra. Lone Peaks. They held up fine and I would do the same again.
Hiking Shoes or Altra Lone Peaks? –
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2 months ago
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Altra Lone Peak 6 | Blister Review
From a usage standpoint, I think the Lone Peak 6 is a good option for short- to medium-length flatter runs on just about any surface.
2 months ago
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Any recs for everyday shoes that I can also wear on hikes?
Altra Lone Peaks are my go-to travel/ hike shoe. They are zero-drop which some people hate and some people love. I personally love it as it helps me find my balance better on rocky terrain. The toe boxes of these shoes are also wide which means i never have to worry about toe blisters.
Altra Lone Peak 6 Review | 2022
It's a great shoe and it comes in so many different models because it is popular.
Run Moore
2 months ago
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Unfortunate Size Fail 5
I love Altra shoes because they’re the only company I know of making foot-shaped trail shoes for runners. All other high-end favorite runners’ brands squish my toes or have some torturous arch support. That being said, The Lone Peak 5 is too lengthy. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the standar...
1 year ago
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