Alpenfohn Black Ridge

Alpenfohn Black Ridge

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Great build quality
Good performance for its size
Compatible with small ITX systems
Pairs well with Dan A4 case
Can be tweaked with custom cables and gaskets for better management
Not suitable for all systems due to limitations in shape and mounting system
Requires a compatible motherboard with smaller VR heatsinks and a riser cable for graphics card
Early V2 models require modification


Overall, the Alpenfohn Black Ridge is a good performing cooler with a great build quality, but it has limitations due to its peculiar shape and mounting system. It is best suited for small ITX systems housed in a Dan SFX case, and requires a compatible motherboard with smaller VR heatsinks and a riser cable for the graphics card. It has been found to perform better than taller options and is comparable to Noctua's NH-L12S. However, early V2 models require some modification and the combination AM3/AM4 mounting bracket interferes with some B550/X570 motherboards. Custom unsleeved silicon cables and silicon gaskets for the fan can be helpful in managing the cooler. It pairs well with the Dan A4 case and is a good option for cooling in height-restricted layouts.


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Item Dimensions LxWxH

3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches




12 Volts


3.6 watts


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