AKG K712 Pro

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  • Great for studio use
  • A dynamic, energetic and exciting sound signature that never gets dull
  • Very comfortable


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AKG K712 Pro
The K712 Pro is a technically sound headphone. Its drivers are very capable, fast and clean.
5 months ago
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* AKG K712 Pro - Have heard a lot about them, however they seem to be shadowed over and not talked about nearly as much as other headphones of this price range in todays climate. I've been gravitating towards them due to what I've heard about there impressive sound staging and imaging, which would be a nice switch from the infamously narrow and intimate soundstage of the HD600.
i was super ocd about what i wanted in my next set ...
i was super ocd about what i wanted in my next set of headphones as I am a music industry professional (producer/engineer) working with club/rave music and trap/hip hop so a lot of bass heavy material, i'll unload my thoughts on these after owning them for about 3 weeks, forgive me for tangents i ma...
Q Project Audio
4 years ago
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For those looking to buy a very comfortable, mid-range audiophile headphone with plenty of bang for buck, look no further
For those of you looking to buy a really good set of headphones without breaking the four-figure barrier, these are a great choice. However, please be aware, these are neither noise isolating nor noise cancelling. Also, they have fairly high impedance and need an amp to really shine. For those of yo...
7 years ago
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Best audiophile headphones for gaming?
Do check out the reviews for the AKG K712 Pro. I haven't tested it extensively for gaming, but very often reviewers who own headphones over 1000$ will say they keep this one for that purpose (soundstage is excellent). You will need a modest amp to run it, but it should still fit your budget.
Just... holy moly. This pair is the whole nine yards.
For those of us who aren't working $10,000 a month jobs, these are the best thing for the price. Whereas the other alternative is the Sennheiser HD 800's, ($1k+?) honestly with all my disappointment with Sennheiser meeting less than desired quality with HD 202's and HD 280 Pro's (crap bass ranges fo...
4 years ago
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A steal for the sound and build quality for the near-top of the line AKG headphone
TEST SETUP: AKG K712 Pro w/ original orange cable, source: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD (Game mode: Crystallizer 75%, EQ adjusted to boost mid-lower and mid-upper range), reference: Denon AHD2000 DISCLAIMER: A recent visit to an ear doctor revealed that I have lost hearing in the most upp...
9 years ago
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AKG K712 Pro - Review
In fact, it's pretty excellent based performance for an open backed dynamic headphone without over running into and muddying up the low mids like on the X 2. HR Now before I make a final conclusion: I'm gonna sum it up.
Wheezy Tech
1 month ago
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Welp, got myself a new boi.
It's not as warm and lacks the natural tonality of the HD650. However, the purpose of these is to be more analytical, so this makes sense. One particular point that I noticed is that the mids are not as upfront as they are on the HD650 and lack the smoothness and relaxed feeling that the HD650 provide. This is one of the things I love about the HD650, so it's lacking that charm for me.
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"Yeah, I watch dankpods. How'd you know?"
*literally bought AKG K712 Pro because they were featured several times on dankpods*



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