Aer Day Sling 2

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  • Great for carrying everyday essentials
  • Fits nicely in your pocket or purse
  • Made with high quality materials and components
  • Lightweight, no hassle way to haul essentials while keeping hands free
  • A bit pricey


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Aer Day Sling 2 Review | Pack Hacker
All in all, we’ve really enjoyed carrying our everyday essentials in this sling when a larger pack isn’t necessary—which, of course, is exactly what this thing is designed to do. With its durable materials and high-quality components, we expect the Aer Day Sling 2 to hold up for a long time, just like the other Aer products we’ve tested.
2 months ago
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​. Aer Day Sling 2: Great organization and I'm sure it could fit everything I want.
Aer City Sling (x-pac)
The Aer City Sling is a bag that I’ve had on my radar for a bit. I currently have the Day Sling 2 in x-pac and also the Black Ember TKS. When I saw the City Sling release in x-pac material though, I new I had to go for it. Initial impressions are that it’s a very compact and organized.
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\- AER City Sling - looks to be about the right size for what I'm looking for... \- AER Day Sling 2 - might be too big but has more organization than my DSPTCH slings. \- Code of Bell X-Pod - probably too big but looks like it compresses nicely.
looking for my first sling bag, would you recommend the Chrome Industries mini kadet or Aer day sling 2?
Just got the Aer Day Sling 2 in X-Pac - honestly not loving it. The expansion of the pockets leaves a lot to be desired.
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AER Day Sling 2 Review (2022)
View on REI Check on Backcountry You pop your email here, and we promise to send you only travel content that’s actually relevant — sounds like a pretty good deal to us!Aer Day Sling Review: Final ThoughtsSling bags tend to be a love it or hate it product.
Minimal Carry to the Start of a Long Day
- Aer day sling 2 xpac
- Camelbak chute mag 750ml
- 15 yr old Undercover gig bag (maybe 1000d cordura?)
Camelbak was in my gig bag and everything else in the Aer. Just the perfect front sling while carrying any of my gig bags.
Sling Bag Recommendations <$75
I freaking love my day sling 2. Crazy sale on them since the 3 came out. Grab em before their gone.
Purchasing first sling, need some recommendations
I have Aer Day Sling 2, and it's great except sometimes I wish I could go fanny pack route, but you can't because of the way the strap is configured.
Choosing a sling (Peak 3L, Aer City, Bellroy Mini, Alpaka)
I really dig my aer day sling 2 in xpac. Despite the offset look, it hangs well on either shoulder.
Another one is the evergoods mhp 3.5L. Love mine to bits.