Adidas Adizero Boston 9

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  • Great for running
  • A little tight
  • Shoe is a half size too big
  • Arch support is not as good


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Fits larger than previous versions of the Boston
I wear a 10 in my Boston 7's, which is a perfect fit. These Boston 9's are a full half-size too big. A 9.5 would've been better. Next time I am going to try them on in the store prior to purchasing.
Sean Leonard
2 years ago
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Adidas Adizero Boston 10 Running Shoe TEST & REVIEW | RunnerClick
PRICE I was pleasantly surprised by the price tag on this shoe. Due to all of the advanced features and extra bells and whistles, I assumed that this shoe would be priced at the higher end of Adidas’s lineup. Much to my surprise, this shoe has a price point that is quite competitive when compared to similar high-performance daily trainers out there on the market
4 months ago
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Adidas Boston 9: At the price range, out of all the shoes I tried, the B9 is really the only one that beats the K, in that the midsole is really enjoyably pop and the entire shoe is nimble and comfortable. I would say the K is still more comfortable for a daily walkaround shoe If you want to go to gym/grocery and a run. There are other lightweight trainers worth mentioning, but they are outside of this price bracket:.
Did you start out barely being able to run even a mile?
Oh and make sure you're running in suitable shoes. I use Adidas Adizero Bostons, they changed my view of running completely. Before I was running in shoes that I just thought looked like running shoes - big mistake.
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adidas adiZero Review: Dreaming About Speed? The adidas adiZero Pack is Made to Move
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4 months ago
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Adidas SL20
Give them a few runs and see how they fair up. Some people find them abit on the firm side. If you do I would recommend either. 1) Adidas Boston 9.
Current 3-Shoe Rotation (Hoka Rocket X, Adidas Boston 9, Nike Invincible)
Adidas Boston 9 - The work horse. This is my mileage shoe. I use this for daily runs from easy to tempo pace.
My current diverse rotation. ID in comments
* Adidas Boston 9 - If I want something lower to the ground or track stuff (mostly fallen out of favor). * Reebok Symmetros - Long run if I want high drop (mostly fallen out of favor). * Endorphin Speed v1 - If I wanna go faster / If I were to race I’d probably use this.
REVIEW: Adidas Adizero Boston 9 - When you want speed, visually and practically!
In order for a shoe to act like a racer, it has to be enormously responsive, but also provide a great comfort and the busta 9 lives up to those requirements. The boost midsole here provides great responsiveness and propulsions, while the newer light strike foam here ensures great and soft.
4 months ago
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Only three…
adidas Boston 9 – still my favorite shoe at the moment. Snappy, lightweight, low profile, love it.


Pronation control


Heel Drop

9-12 mm