Hoka Rocket X

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  • Great for long distance running
  • Lightweight and responsive
  • Comfortable for long distances
  • Good value
  • Not as durable as other Hoka shoes


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HOKA ROCKET X: A CARBON FIBER ROCKET ON YOUR FEET. Our RUNNING SHOES section presents us today one the lightest and one of the most used, by professional athletes and triathletes like Jan Frodeno, carbon fiber HOKA shoes: the HOKA Rocket X.
This unisex super energetic HOKA shoes comes with a price...
It has the same horrible sharp arch that the Clifton 8 has, and they are also narrow, just like most hokas. I cant even comprehend where this shoe would fit in a rotation? long run? nah, Rocket X is cheaper, Race?
Shoe of the Week: HOKA Rocket X
The Rocket X is a super shoe for super runners, which explains its appeal to those of our test team who run with a cadence higher than 180 steps-per-minute and who tend to stay up on their toes. For them, the Rocket felt flexible and springy and encouraged an upright posture. Those testers also appreciated the lack of weight of these race-ready shoes
4 months ago
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My current rotation, in order from least to most mileage.
The outsoles are in great shape, as is the upper minus that fact that they look super grungy from running in the wet. These may be the shoes that have served me the best - either these or the Rincon 1. I'll buy more for sure.
HOKA ONE ONE Rocket X Review - Running Northwest
The HOKA ONE ONE Rocket X was one of those shoes we saw early 2020 and it sporadically showed up here and there, but we are happy to announce it is now here for the rest of us. We saw the Carbon X from HOKA, but honestly that shoe was a mixed bag as it felt more like a prototype than a final shoe. T...
4 months ago
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**Hoka Rocket X -** Feels like a lightweight carbon plated shoe should feel. Definitley the most responsive and snappy shoe of the fleet. Would pull these out for a 5k race / park run when they start back up.
Hoka Carbon X 3 vs. Hoka Rocket X: Which One Is Better?
The Hoka Carbon X 3 is the latest in the carbon-fiber plate shoe collection of the brand. On the other hand, the Rocket X is starting to get old since it was released in 2020. We don’t know if Hoka has a Rocket X 2 in the cards! Two years is an eternity in the world of running shoes, and logically t...
4 months ago
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Lower-profile racing shoe battle
I will note that the Hoka Rocket X is a nice middle ground between the highest stack shoes and something like the Speed Elite as well. It feels softer and more protective than the Speed Elite or Razor Elite, but feels a bit more connected to the ground and at home with real high turnover than some of the more maximal options. The weight is a tad more than the Metaracer, but much better balanced such that it feels lighter while also feeling much more cushioned.
Hoka One One Rocket X - Test 4 Outside
With a listed price of 160 euros in the catalogue, we would say that the Hoka One One Rocket X is not bad pricewise. Out running, we discover a shoe that constantly makes you want to push off in the stride and reach forward. The transition, and foot rocker are very effective
4 months ago
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Test Hoka One One Rocket X vs Carbon X 2
My Take on Tech! HOKA Rocket X versus HOKA Carbon X2I was looking for awhile for a dynamic, light and stable pair of shoes ideal for triathlon; Not easy to find given the many models available, and the criteria specific to the long distance triathlete given that running comes after cycling! As all triathletes know, the legs do not respond the same as for a single road running race!I have long been a fan of Japanese brands, but in recent years I have often been disappointed by the lack of continuity in their models and constant changes in materials. In short, many factors to get lost for a simple purchase!
4 months ago
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