360 S9

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  • Great for hardwood floors
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and quiet
  • Simple navigation with lidar technology
  • A lot of features on the app


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360 S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review
Though far from inexpensive, the 360 S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers a lot for the price. It efficiently mops and vacuums thanks to its long battery life, strong navigation sensors, and the ability to block off areas you don't want covered. The fact that it can mop and vacuum at the same time is a big plus, especially if you plan to clean your floors daily
Dua Rashid
5 months ago
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My Dad who is in his mid 60's, recently by me upgraded to a Pixel 4 on JOD (T-Mobile) from a Galaxy S9. The S9 had speakerphone issues, and was apparently was a issue for a lot of people online. I went with the Pixel 4 due to the size, updates for the next few years, and the speakerphone works with ease.
Great price on top of line Robo vac
My Roomba was dead, the charger wouldn't lit up and it was all beat up. No tread left on tires and really old tech. It didn't have tagle/hair free brushes or smart navigation. So I decided to try something new. I have had Roomba's for over 10 years now and got comfortable with the brand. I started w...
Bernard MacGregor
2 years ago
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Poor support, buggy app and spotty US servers.
I have to start with, I initially thought this was a fantastic machine. I looked at Robot vacuums for three months after my deebot M80 Pro, an old random navigation robot, finally died. I decided I wanted an upgrade; I looked at roborock and deebot. I bought and tried the roborock s4max and the E4. ...
2 years ago
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However, I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I used the selfie camera. The quality really goes down when zooming into captured photos, and the pictures appears smoothed over or out-of-focus. I understand that the front camera will have lower specs than the main back camera, however my S9 had better quality of pictures than this, with similar hardware.
High maintenance so very early into using it. Feel like I'm in the "wilderness" with owning it.
I really want to like this little robot vacuum but having only had it for a handful of months, it's already starting to give me issues. I have a small house (under 1200 sqft) with mostly hardwood floors, too. Only one cat, and only some very low rugs. Before it starting complaining a lot, it has bee...
1 year ago
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It's that good. **Battery**: writing this at 9 PM after unplugging 6.30 AM (16 hours) off charger and 4 hours of screen on time, I have 46% battery left. A true all day phone with lots to spare.
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This robot vaccuum is great.
We researched and decided this is the best robot vaccuum/mopper combo. It hasn't disappointed. The features and ai are still a little clunky, but it keeps the floors vaccuumed and swept, and the mop is great for most types of mopping. You'll still need to sweep and mop along walls and in corners fro...
10 months ago
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The battery life has been good avg 6-7hrs SOT, fast and snappy, impressive main camera. Although it hasn't been perfect. The fingerprint sensor can be a bit inconsistent even with double registering. It would work maybe 7 out of 10 times (no screen protector).
This thing will improve your life
Years ago, I had one of the early versions of the Roomba. It was sweeper only with no actual vacuum, just a rotating brush. It was fun to watch, but I really didn't consider it that useful, and when it quit working I just threw it out and didn't replace it. Times, and technology, have changed. I now...
Robert T. Shinn
2 years ago
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