360 S5

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  • Great for hardwood floors
  • Suction power is great
  • Lower noise at lower suction than others
  • Lidar mapping that actually works with the app, better than on smart home
  • Many different Robo


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360 S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review
Unfortunately, it was difficult to get the robot to automatically dock on the charging pad in testing. After multiple failed attempts, I resorted to placing it on the charger manually. The 360 S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers about as much as you'd expect for $199, including good cleaning capabilities, smart navigation, and app control
Dua Rashid
5 months ago
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Still rocking a series 2 , felt no need to upgrade. 😊
Ha. The amount of time that it took for the time to actually show is the main reason I moved from the S2 to the S5 last year. It drove me crazy that I needed to either tap the display or do an exaggerated arm twist to get the display to light up.
For the price it's great but you need a pre filter
Pros: *suction power is great *Lower noise at lower suction than others *Has lidar mapping that actually works with the app, better than on smart home. *Routing is decent, better than the one on smart home *Many different Robo voice languages (only 1 per language though) *Charger works great and it'...
1 year ago
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* **Annoying "snap to grid" behavior when dividing rooms**: It's hard to make clean 90 degree when separating rooms because the diving lines keep "snapping". Which is *so ironic*, because you can divide rooms diagonally, but can't set virtual walls diagonally!. * **Only 3 suction power levels**: 360 S5 has 4. * **Cannot rotate map**: If the rooms on the map are quite rectangular, if the Wyze mapping orients the map so that the vacuum needs to turn around a lot and make very short lines instead of turn around infrequently and make long lines, you can't change it.
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Thoughts on the Ceramic Edition?
I had passed on them previous to the S5 and finally decided to splurge and am now hooked. You really can’t break these or scratch them in my experience. I wear it daily every where no matter what. It’s been in the ocean, pool, hot tubs, desert.
UPDATED!!!! Highly recommend now. Support was really good.
UPDATED review! In the app there's a link to support from a Facebook group that you have to join. I wouldn't suggest that as much as I would suggest emailing the company via your Amazon order... emailing was REALLY fast support and very quick to respond. The company rep emailed me and I explained al...
2 years ago
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Imagine if the Series 7 doesn't support old bands...
My boy will be about 10-11 by then and my S5 w/cellular will be perfect for him with their family add-on thing they do now. Being a school walker, having the GPS on him will be nice.
Actually smart, good mapping great cost to value.
Ran both this (S8) and the S5 in my home to test to make sure these vacs would be fit for giving to my 91 yr old grandfather. Ran both units in what I would call an obstacle course of a home that another lesser 'smart' vac had failed in. This ran on high pile carpet, tile, slippy bathmats, floppy ru...
Kevin Smick
10 months ago
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Excessive battery drain and restarts in watchOS 7.4
I regret updating just for the mask Face ID feature. Battery has been extremely poor since the update .
I hope it’s a case of indexing and it will settle in a day or 2. Extremely disappointed in this update.
I’m on S5 WiFi only model
Opinions on the Majohn (formerly Moonman) M2?
It has an F nib which I did a little smoothing on and it writes beautifully. It's just a really beautiful pen.



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