Best Adidas Adizero Boston 9 Alternatives

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  • Fit: 14 mentions
  • Comfort: 11 mentions
  • Materials: 7 mentions
  • Weight: 7 mentions
  • Design: 6 mentions
  • Size: 4 mentions
  • Features: 1 mention
  • Price point: 1 mention

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Great for long training runs and racing
Soft and protective cushioning
Versatile for different foot types
Sleek and lightweight design
Good middle ground between maximal and minimal shoes
Not as durable as some other racing shoes
Some concerns about the quality of the foam
Limited forefoot rubber may lead to faster wear and tear on the outsole


Overall, the Hoka Rocket X receives positive reviews for its speed, cushioning, and versatility for long training runs and racing. Some reviewers note that it is a good middle ground between maximal and minimal shoes, and that it feels softer and more protective than some other racing shoes. However, there are some concerns about the durability of the outsole and the foam, and some reviewers suggest that other shoes may provide better stability or energy return. Overall, the Hoka Rocket X is a solid choice for runners looking for a fast and cushioned racing shoe.