The Quacks of Quedlinburg vs The Quest for El Dorado

  • Great for family and friends
  • Easy to learn and teach
  • Responds quickly to customer inquiries
  • No limit on the number of players that can play at one time
  • Great for 2 players
  • Really fun theme
  • Would be great for families
  • More strategy than initially thought

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The Quest for El Dorado Board Game Review

Unless you get a card that lets you draw a few more, but for the most part you only have four cards that you can play and if you have a really big deck, you may not get the cards you need when you need them. You just be drawing cards and discarding cards, drawing cards and discarded cards, so you really have to be efficient with which cards you get so that you draw them at the right time as we started playing you know, you hear the rules and it's like okay start Here end here and you're like okay, i know what i need to do, but i'm going to try and see if i can do it my own way. So that's why i started trying to collect the really cool cards in the beginning and then juliana, just bee-lined right towards and just sprinted there, and i was like i'll catch up to her and i didn't depending on which strategy you take. It could be good or bad, depending on the deck that you have, because you can just go right for it, but then, if you don't have the cards that allow you to go to the like the three machete space or the two paddle space later on, you May be stuck just drawing cards or trying to get there adversely if you're, just drawing cards at the beginning and you're far way behind you may not be able to catch up like lee thought he was going to be able to do because again, you only have Four cards on your turn, so even if you have a huge deck, it still may not work out for you, our gameplay just parallels the the story of the tortoise and the hair, and i just yeah
5 months ago


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