Pro-Ject Debut Carbon vs Technics SL-QD33

Great design and quality components
Exceptional sound quality
Affordable price for an entry-level audiophile turntable
Carbon fiber tonearm and speed control provide a great experience
Outstanding performance of the cartridge
Great value for the price
Well-made with good trickle-down technology from nicer Technics models
Quartz-locked speed control
Not easy to access cartridge
Poor acoustic isolation
Tonearm rest design could be improved
Not great built-quality
Restricted cartridge selection due to P-mount tonearm
Known to have capacitors fail


Overall, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable receives high praise for its exceptional design, quality components, and fantastic sound quality. Many reviewers note that it is a great entry-level audiophile turntable that provides a long-term solution for music enjoyment. The carbon fiber tonearm and speed control, coupled with the outstanding performance of the cartridge, provide a great experience at an affordable price. However, some reviewers mention issues with the tonearm rest, poor acoustic isolation, and difficulty accessing the cartridge. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is a home run in value and performance, making it a highly recommended choice for anyone looking to get into vinyl.


The Technics SL-QD33 is a well-made turntable that is available at a low price point. It lacks adjustability but does not require it. The built-quality is not great and the tonearm uses snap-on T4P cartridges. The QD33 has a separate motor to move the tonearm, whereas the Q200 is mechanically linked to the main motor to return the arm. The QD33 is known to have capacitors fail. It has a restricted cartridge selection due to its P-mount tonearm, but it has good trickle-down technology from the nicer Technics models of the time, like quartz-locked speed control. The QD33 should pair well with the built-in preamp's unusual specs, which seem like Technics tuned them specifically for the 2M series. Overall, the QD33 is a very underrated turntable that performs well if sited carefully.


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