Flashforge Creator Pro vs Wanhao Duplicator 7

  • Great for beginners
  • Least amount of hassle and the shortest learning curve
  • 3D printing takes much trial and error
  • One of the white wires caught on fire
  • Made for beginners
  • Print quality is beyond anything an fdm printer can achieve
  • Great quality, super fast shipping

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Flashforge Creator Pro
Wife just said "Get yourself a 3D printer for Christmas", I'm so excited, watching YouTube videos but I know nothing.
My vote goes to a Flashforge Creator Pro 2, An IDEX system that costs about $700 (US) and has a big enough bed for a full xbox controller (OP stated this was the sort of size he was looking for in another comment). It is capable of printing PLA, PETG, ABS, PVA and because its direct drive you can also do flexible filaments (TPU/ TPE).
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Wanhao Duplicator 7
Can't get it to print successfully after several hours, no support
After spending hours trying to get the test print to work only to find out that the test part had a space in the file name (Wanhao, will not allow spaces in the file name). We now can only get it to print a few layers of the part... This printer is not ready for market until it works out of the box....
Amazon Customer
4 years ago
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