EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath vs NUX Atlantic

Great for creating unique and atmospheric textures
Comprehensive set of controls for customization
Handmade in Akron, Ohio
True bypass switching and all-analog dry signal path
Latest version includes expression and CV input for even more potential
Great value for the price
Versatile with options for series or parallel use
Tap tempo feature
Good build quality
Basic reverb and delay options
Not suitable for those looking for traditional echo/reverb sounds
Some users find it difficult to use
Can be overwhelming and overpowering in some settings
Not ideal for those looking for exotic or complex sounds
Some users find the reverb to be a bit dark
Reliability issues with connections for some users


The EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath is a unique and groundbreaking reverb pedal that creates oscillating atmospheric washes, warped echoes, and immense reverbs using a series of short delays. It features a comprehensive set of controls, including the drag knob for creating scattered rhythmic effects, the diffuse control for focusing or spreading out the reverb, the dampen control for governing the overall treble content, and the reflect control for controlling the regeneration of the reverb. The pedal is handmade in Akron, Ohio, and features true bypass switching and an all-analog dry signal path. While some users find it difficult to use, others praise its one-of-a-kind sound and endless potential for creating ambient textures. The latest version, Afterneath V3, now includes an expression and CV input for utilizing nine different quantized modes for the drag control, opening up portals to uncharted pitch shifting and textural potential. Overall, the EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath is a fantastic addition to any pedalboard,


Overall, the NUX Atlantic is a versatile and affordable delay/reverb pedal that is well-regarded by many users. It offers basic reverb and delay options, with the ability to use them in series or parallel. The pedal has a tap tempo feature and is built with good quality. Some users find the reverb to be a bit dark, but others appreciate the ability to cascade the effects. The pedal is a good option for those on a budget who want to cover basic delay/reverb needs.


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