Digitech Polara vs Strymon Big Sky

Great sounding and versatile with seven Lexicon reverbs
Stereo in/out capabilities
Sturdy build
Range of usable and great-sounding reverbs
Comparable to more expensive reverb pedals on the market
Great sound quality and versatility
Ability to create both subtle and dramatic effects
Freeze function and ability to save presets
Wide range of algorithms and controls
Not able to save presets
Some reviewers note that it can sound digital
Does not have tap tempo functionality
Not compatible with USB connectivity
Price may be a barrier for some musicians
Large size may not be suitable for all pedalboards


The Digitech Polara is a highly versatile and well-regarded reverb pedal, with seven Lexicon reverbs and a range of features including stereo in/out capabilities and a sturdy build. While some reviewers note that it can sound digital and lacks preset saving capabilities, many praise its range of usable and great-sounding reverbs, including the spring reverb, reverse, and halo settings. The Polara is often compared favorably to other reverb pedals on the market, including the MXR Reverb and TC Electronic Hall of Fame. Overall, the Digitech Polara is a popular choice for musicians seeking a versatile and high-quality reverb pedal.


The Strymon Big Sky is a highly praised reverb pedal that offers a wide range of algorithms and controls for creating unique and high-quality sounds. Users appreciate its versatility and ability to create both subtle and dramatic effects. The lack of USB connectivity is a minor drawback for some, but the pedal's overall performance and sound quality make it a top choice for many musicians. The Freeze function and ability to save presets are standout features that users appreciate. While other reverb pedals are mentioned, the Strymon Big Sky consistently receives high praise and is considered one of the best reverb pedals on the market.


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