Artillery Sidewinder X1 vs Monoprice MP Cadet

  • Great for cable management
  • Belts have proper tension
  • Machine is well engineered and executed
  • There have been numerous updates to the machines since the videos
  • Assembly is required
  • Great for novices
  • Minimal setup time
  • Easy to use
  • Good quality prints
  • No assembly required

Reviews by Topic

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Artillery Sidewinder X1
Poorly made with zero support!
If you look at the blue piece of metal, it is what the wheels mount to, to drive across the X-Axis. Notice how the top of it is bent. Keep this in mind for a minute. I have been dealing with a little issue here and there but never getting a flawless print. Fast forward to finally breaking down to fi...
J. Hood
7 months ago
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Monoprice MP Cadet
Just spent an hour and a half trying to get it to run.
The sales pitch is that this printer can run just thirty seconds out of the box. I've spent an hour and a half today trying to get it to run, and here are the issues I encountered: 1. The extruder would not push the filament into the tube. I had to disconnect the tube, manually push the filament thr...
Joe S.
2 years ago
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Artillery Sidewinder X1
Great printer if you are experienced
Not exactly the best beginner 3D printer. Does require some adjustments and tinkering but when you get it all fixed up its great. I had some problems getting my extruder carriage snug that required some drilling and new washers but I enjoy this kind of stuff so it was not a problem for me. I also ha...
2 years ago
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Monoprice MP Cadet
Should you buy MonoPrice Cadet 3D Printer???
Let's take it off the build plate and go and comes off the the base. Really good. It just has a couple parts that need to be pulled off like that and this everything looks good
Clever Dad
4 days ago
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