ZeroG Floating Vacuum

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  • Great for picking up pet hair
  • Very easy to maneuver
  • Good suction power
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Stiff bristles


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Best value cannister vacuum
This is hands down the highest value cannisters vacuum on the market! Before ZeroG, I had been looking at some Mieles and Sebos that were hundreds of dollars more. After watching some review videos online, I decided on the ZeroG due to the extremely high suction power and full range of tools include...
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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* The actual visual appearance of the stripes (similar to when you mow the lawn), was very satisfying and many people echoed this. * Other visual observations were that it seemed to reinvigorate our carpets (reversed their age). I have seen other reviews mentioning this and we live in a rental with old low pile carpets - they did not look or feel old anymore. * In terms of the debris picked up, the Zero G seems to excel at deep cleaning.
I would like to thank this group for their diligence in helping people find great vacuums! After a few weeks of doing some digging, I ended up purchasing the Zero G. Right off the bat, their customer service is amazing.
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Solid Built Product
This is a well put together machine. The power head looks and is VERY well built. Stiff bristles do a great job of deep cleaning. The powered stair cleaner works like a charm. Having two dogs that shed I appreciate how good it works. There are a few You Tube videos that show how well it works. The c...
1 year ago
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ZeroG Floating Vacuum, Honest Review of Zero G Canister Vac
Summary. I am so happy I found the ZeroG Floating Vacuum before spending hundreds of dollars more on an inferior device.
First canister, Zero G, what a difference.
Wife wanted a new vacuum. Looked at some sharks then checked Reddit and found out what I should be looking for. Got the Zero G after being on their waitlist(got a discount for being on it). What a difference from our old bagless Bissell I’ve had since college.
Not loving Henry.... need advice on something else
I'd be apprehensive about letting other people use one of these unsupervised, though it is a great vacuum if you use it carefully. Mieles aren't very user serviceable, so you'd have to take it to a service center if anything goes wrong.
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good vacuum with one big flaw
Great vacuum works well with good suction and it is very light and easy to maneuver. The one big flaw is that for a vacuum of this price range $500.00 you would think they would have found a better solution to store the long cord. I have had vacuum which cost 75.00 and had a retractable cord or a pl...
4 years ago
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Zero G F3d Floating Vacuum Cleaner - TESTS & REVIEW
The final pros are just some nice touches I liked that there was metal where it counted like in and around the wand inlet on the floor head. I Also really liked the action of the swivel which wasn't too jerky and I liked the wand which can stand up on its own.
Vacuum Wars
1 month ago
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I received my ZG today, unboxed, put together, and used in one room and it’s beyond my expectations. Keep in mind my last vac was a Hoover Pet that dust cup latch broke in less than a year and onboard attachment holders also broke in less time , so maybe I have never experienced a deluxe vacuum. I was a bit hesitant buying a canister, but needed something to get in low and tight spaces. It moves like a dream!
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