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  • Great for wood floors
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Strong suction power
  • Quiet motor
  • Easy to use


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The Little Vacuum that Could
We have owned various canister (Kenmore and Sanyo) and upright vacuums (Dyson) but were not really happy with the job they did on our hardwood floors. We only have some large area rugs but otherwise just the wood floors. This Sebo is great because it is perfect for the wood floors, it is lightweight...
6 years ago
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Perfect for hardwood floors
I've been searching for a vacuum that is designed for hardwood floors and this Sebo is it. The nozzle glides easily over the floor yet has great suction which you can adjust with a touch of your foot. The power cord is 50 feet long so you can do a large area without having to unplug and replug. The ...
3 months ago
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This vacuum has left the crispest vacuum lines. I've never had a bagged vacuum before, but I'm already in love with not dumping the cannister, letting dust fly everywhere, and cleaning the filter every damn use. I swiffer and dust my noncarpeted areas, but I plan on buying the Sebo attachments whenever I move to a less carpeted place.
I can’t believe all the stuff the Oreck was leaving in the carpets! I cleaned half of each room using each vacuum. Weighed the bags before and after the test. The Sebo’s gained five times the weight of the Oreck.
Best I've ever owned
Over the past 30 years, I've bought many kinds of vacuums, from the most expensive to the cheapest: the Kirby upright (sold door to door by a friend), the Rainbow (which is supposed to capture the dirt in a water tank), several cheap Dirt Devils (several, because they don't last), and the Dyson bagl...
10 years ago
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Not the greatest
It doesn't work on carpet, which is ridiculous cuz what else are vacuum cleaners for? And even on regular floor you sometimes have to lift it get the dirt under it. But it's a nice strong machine
Amazon Customer
1 year ago
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Stick with the Compact 160 size Henrys, the Miele Classic C1 or C1 Compact, and the Sebo K2 or E2 and these will be the right size for your house. Since you don't have half or more carpet you won't need the electric powerheads.
This Sebo Vacuum cleaner ROCKS! Whoever invented the bag less sweeper and said it was perfect for allergy sufferers must have never had allergies or knew of anyone with allergies. Emptying the bag less is NOT good for allergy suffers. The dust flys back into your face whilst emptying it, how is that...
L. S. Williams
6 years ago
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Looking to buy my first vacuum cleaner with roommates
So I vote for a new Sebo K2 Kombi $399 CAD. They’re powerful vacuums with great longevity.
Great machine
Good suction, like the how the vacuum head can get to the ground for cleaning (it swivels), nice, long cord. Strong wheels that swivel like a well made suitcase. Quiet motor. Best thing is how it protects the walls with the sponge like material around the sides. Only downside is where they have you ...
3 years ago
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