ULA Dragonfly

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  • Great for ultralight adventures
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Easy to access the main compartment with a top zipper opening
  • Hydration sleeve that can be accessed from the


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ULA Equipment Dragonfly Review | Pack Hacker
ULA Equipment Dragonfly | You never know when you’ll need a laptop!..Overall, we are extremely impressed with the innovations from ULA on this pack
5 months ago
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Best bag for a 5ft female
The second reason I replaced it is because I now have my dream bag (okay, one of my dream bags) from ULA Equipment, the ULA Dragonfly. Has a large space that is perfect for packing cubes and dry bags, has perfect carry-on dimensions (for my needs), ample outside storage space for water bottles and other types of gear when I'm hiking, and since it's designed for short torsos as a default, it fits me even better than my Patagonia backpack.
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Yet Another Permanent Onebag Setup – Year 4 - The New Bag (ULA Dragonfly) Edition
Major kudos. Those silicone bottle holders are a novel approach to a common problem, and the additional exercise gear attached in that modular way is really cool. As someone looking to get into bodyweight exercise it's certainly given me food for thought. I don't own one and perhaps never will but I adore the ULA Dragonfly from afar.
Why the Tortuga hate?
It's noticeable enough that it feels like there's stuff inside even when it's empty. I ended up switching to a ULA Dragonfly and I'm much happier, altho obviously that is a very different bag weight and storage wise.
Making the Transition to One-Bagging
​. I recently went through my trusty old travel bags and got rid of some older heavy models and replaced with lighter. My latest buy is a ULA dragonfly.... which comes in at just 29oz. It may be worth considering.
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Topo Designs Global Travel vs Ula Dragonfly
I have the ULA Dragonfly and absolutely love how it carries. It’s also the same general design as a pack I’ve walked over 10,000 miles with. Can’t go wrong there
9 months ago
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Recommendation for a travel pack that also works as a hiking daypack
ULA Dragonfly is literally perfect for your needs. Was designed exactly to be an ultralight travel / hiking pack. It packs clamshell style too, so that's small bonus over bags like the Mystery Ranch, but that's personal preference really. No waist strap, but the bag is only 1.8lbs.
Best 35L Travel One Bag
Honestly not a bad standalone one bag even without camera. Not easy access though. ULA Dragonfly or GR1 if you can downsize.
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\- ULA Dragonfly (30L). ​. The Tortuga has great comfort, large divided main compartment, protective laptop sleeve, sturdy construction, low profile, expandability makes edc possible, lockable zipper, storable straps, medium level of organization, and can fit a ton for its near-personal item size. ​.
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Onebag that isn't bulky
I'm personally interested in the ULA Dragonfly (and packing minimally with merino shirts and frequently washing); I think ULA has a bag similar to the Dragonfly that's sized closer to what you're seeking though.
1 year ago
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