Tom Ford Black Orchid

Tom Ford Black Orchid

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Great for date nights or feeling like a badass
Daring and mysterious scent
Not suitable for everyone's taste
Can be too heavy or musky for some
Some find it nauseating or reminiscent of an old man who works at a graveyard


Overall, opinions on Tom Ford Black Orchid are mixed. Some find it daring, mysterious, and perfect for date nights or feeling like a badass. Others find it too heavy, musky, or even nauseating. It is often described as a dark, animalic scent with notes of white florals, vetiver, patchouli, and chocolate. Some consider it a classic and one of the greatest mainstream fragrance launches of the past 20 years, while others find it too bold or reminiscent of an old man who works at a graveyard. It is often compared to other fragrances, such as D&G Light Blue Intense, Shalimar, or Chanel No. 5. Overall, it seems to be a polarizing fragrance that some love and others dislike.


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Tom Ford

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30 Milliliters


Amber Floral


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