Tom Bihn Techonaut 30

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  • Great for travel
  • Durable and versatile
  • Minimalist design
  • Well made, durable materials
  • Lots of pockets for organization


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Tom Bihn Techonaut 30 Review | Pack Hacker
Tom Bihn Techonaut 30 | Our pair of flip-flops is a tight fit, but it’s in there..
5 months ago
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Tom Bihn Synik 30: Looks practical, well built, very pricey, I don't like the roundness at all. 3. Goruck GR1: Expensive, I am not really into the look (tactical), it lacks water bottle pocket and add-ons look lame, durability is a plus, it is too big for me (I ordered the slick 1000D and it touched my butt).
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Still on the Hunt for a Business-First EDC with a Clamshell Opening for 2-3 Nights Travel
If you’re balling hard enough to frequently be in biz/first and you can drop the $200 price limit, the Tom Bihn Synik 30 hits all the must-haves that you listed.
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Could you recommend a reliable travel bag that can serve you for a lifetime?
Tom Bihn Techonaut 45 or 30 (if you travel with a laptop) or Aeronaut 45 or 30 (general travel bag). They are sized specifically for maximum carry on size for airplanes. Can be carried three ways -- as handled bag, slung over shoulder, or worn as a backpack. There's a 45 liter size to exactly fill the maximum size for most flight cabins, but if you want something that fits even small regional/intereuro flights there is a cabin max specific for them too in a 30 liter variation.
What is your favorite bag size?
My most used bag before my Tom Bihn Synik 30 was a North Face Surge. 30L is just large enough to carry a week's worth of clothes and small enough where I can use it as my EDC and no one bats an eye at its size. Occasionally I've looked at larger bags since I need to pack extra clothes and gear for the work I do, but the convenience of that 30L size is hard to give up.
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What’s your favorite laptop backpack with a pass through sleeve for your wheeled luggage/trolly? Also recommendations for a larger roller?
Tom Bihn Synik 30 (backpack) has all the features you listed.
Bag recommendations - 3 weeks in Japan
Personally, I'd use a Tom Bihn Synik 30 for a trip like this. The water bottle pocket is internal instead of external but it works really well. If that isn't enough room for her I'd probably go with an Aer Capsule Pack 40. Eagle Creek Specter packing cubes would work great for either bag.
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What’s Your Current Bag Line-Up?
I own four main bags and have a few more that I use/test/sell.
Tom Bihn Paragon - EDC/Travel
Tom Bihn Synapse 25 - EDC/Travel
Mission Workshop Fitzroy AP - EDC/Travel/Groceries
Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30 - Travel (mainly road trips)
Those of you who have reached the end of the road, having dialed in your kit and are ultimately satisfied with it: what do you bring?
- Bag; used to be synapse 25, recently changed to Tom Bihn aeronaut 30, under packed with only 20liters. I want to add some more to this: I only pack the center compartment and once I’ve left the house I’ll spread it out amongst all three. My problem is that any bag I use I pack to capacity. Then have no room to maneuver about and live out of it.
Alternatives to Aer Travel 2 and Osprey Fairview
Check out the new Tom Bihn Techonaut. I just returned from a trip with one and it was super comfortable and I had it loaded heavy.


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