Thorens TD 124

Thorens TD 124

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Great sound quality with a rich character
Highly serviceable and can last for decades with proper maintenance
Completely manual and belt-driven for a super dynamic experience
Comes with a Gretto needle and a spare one in a box
Parts are available for refurbishment and maintenance
Not an inexpensive turntable
Parts may need to be sourced from Europe
Requires proper maintenance to ensure longevity


The Thorens TD 124 is a highly serviceable turntable with a rich character to its sound. It is completely manual and belt-driven, making it super dynamic. The turntable comes with a Gretto needle and a spare one in a box. It is not an inexpensive turntable, but it is worth the investment for its quality and longevity. The rebuild kit for the motor and rubber grommets is available from Europe, but luckily, most of the parts are already new. Overall, the Thorens TD 124 is a fantastic turntable that can last for another 50-60 years with proper maintenance.


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