Terraforming Mars

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  • Great for those who enjoy complex games
  • Terrible for those that don't like to think
  • Game is not very well designed, but it's still fun
  • Adds a lot of strategy and tension in the end game
  • Some cards are too complicated or difficult to understand at first glance


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Top reviews

Terraforming Mars Board Game Review - Gideon's Gaming
The bottom line is the game is simply fantastic and has definitely earned its rank on Board Game Geek.
3 months ago
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Really poor production for a great game
I'll start by saying that this game is fun and a really good one. However, for the price that I paid for this game the way that it came produced (or should I say NOT produced) was a huge letdown. Most strategy games that I have played look good, are packaged well, and are produced well from the game...
jeff davis
4 years ago
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What is the most popular game you refuse to try and why?
I abhor long games with low interactivity, and I can get engine building and variety in plenty of other games. I've seen people play TM multiple times and have never felt like I missed out on anything. **Terraforming Mars** is (apparently) very good at what it does, but it's not for me.
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Games that disappointed
Terraforming Mars-I liked how the turns are so snappy in the beginning, even with card drafting. Then by the end, there is so much downtime while everybody fires off their engine. I realized a want my games to either keep the same tempo or speed up towards the end. I enjoyed my plays of it but it’s a bit too long when playing more than 2.
Terraforming Mars Game Review – Meeple Mountain
Final Thoughts. Terraforming Mars is fantastic. It’s rare to find a game with smooth mechanisms that ties an interesting theme tightly with gameplay
3 months ago
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For people who primarily play light games due to their group's/partner's preferences, what is the heaviest game that you've successfully introduced to them?
**Terraforming Mars** (with Prelude) has almost always gone down well for me with people who generally play lighter games or even newbies. It might help though that I have 3d printed terrain and player boards, so visually it looks amazing.
Why Is Terraforming Mars So Popular? A Pseudo-Review - The Thoughtful Gamer
It’s not uncommon for relatively low interaction games to find their teeth as players get better at them. Once you’ve mastered the efficiency puzzle what else is there to combat other than the other players? But every bit of Terraforming Mars tells players that this is a friendly game of scientific exploration and cooperation (in the terraforming at least). Combined with the massive stack of cards one should become familiar with in order to become competitive I can’t see many people reaching that stage
Most disappointing title?
Terraforming Mars. It’s always hyped as an amazing game, and I just found it so boring. The card combos were pretty bland, but honestly, the art is so trash that it takes all the Emerson out of an amazing theme.
Terraforming Mars
The rules can be downloaded. Tom Vasel and Jason Levine reviews Terraforming Mars and gives it their praise: Game Design: Jacob Fryxelius.
3 months ago
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Cooperative competition, well balanced, fun, and highly nuanced game that begs successive replays.
A superbly designed game that lends itself to a great deal of replay-ability. A lot of people have bemoaned the component quality here, and while I would have appreciated the player mats being a little more robust, it's really a minor quibble with an otherwise well designed game. This is a collabora...
Adam Mikolajczyk
5 years ago
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