Technics SL-2000

Technics SL-2000

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Great sound quality
Responsive cartridge
Removable headshell for more cartridge options
Solid build quality
Reasonably priced (depending on condition and seller)
Not compatible with some modern features (e.g. Bluetooth connectivity)
May require maintenance or repairs if purchased used
Not as widely available as some other turntables on the market


The Technics SL-2000 is highly regarded in the audiophile community and is often considered a best-kept secret. It is praised for its excellent sound quality and responsiveness. Some reviewers recommend pairing it with a removable headshell for more cartridge options. Other turntables, such as the MCS 6601/6602, are also mentioned as solid options. It is advised to thoroughly clean and replace the stylus on any used turntable. Overall, the Technics SL-2000 is a highly recommended turntable for audiophiles.


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