Superfeet Carbon

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  • Great for soccer cleats
  • Thin hard plastic inserts
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Good arch support
  • Not good for high arches


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Walking on clouds.
I have FLAT feet. Superfeet Green is like having a stone under my foot, Blue is like having a pebble under my foot. Carbon is like walking on a cloud that hugs the shape of my foot. Look no further my flat footed friends, Carbon is the way to go. When I put on a pair of shoes not in my normal rotati...
Patrick S.
6 years ago
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Foot shaped, zero drop road running shoes with arch support? Does such a thing exist?
I might recommend Superfeet Carbon or Superfeet Green insoles if you want arch support. And maybe stand on a metatarsal lift to see if it help relieve any of your pain.
8 months ago
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For me: It got a little worse before it got a LOT better
My feet situation: My right foot is mostly numb and in pain most of the time I am walking around the concrete city. The pain and numbness radiates from the arch of my foot up to my big toes knuckle, and into my big toe. Then the pain, if it's really bad, shoots up my ankle and the back of my calve. ...
3 years ago
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Best Insoles - GearLab
The Superfeet Carbon are a low-volume, low-profile pair of insoles made for performance athletic shoes and tight-fitting casual shoes. With thin, lightweight yet high-density foam and a hard, carbon fiber stabilizer cap, these insoles are high-quality and help give your feet extra comfort and suppor...
2 years ago
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Flat feet requires lower arch support and these are it!!!
If you have flat feet, you MUST use an insole that has a lower arch support. Do NOT get an insole with arches that push up too high or else you will experience pain. About 10+ years ago, folks said the flatter your arch, the higher the arch support in the insole. But now, it's the opposite. And beli...
7 years ago
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Not good for soccer cleats as they claim, unless you your feet riding dangerously high
Bought these to replace my stock insoles in my Adidas predator cleats, as the cleats themselves were still in good shape but my stock insoles had worn through. Unfortunately you can't readily by replacement insoles from the manufacturers (they just want you to buy new cleats!), so after lots of rese...
jeff young
2 years ago
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Give these a try!
I don’t write many reviews but these thin hard plastic inserts have changed my life. I’ve had them for 10 days. Before I tried about 5 other brands and one given to me by a podiatrist. My feet were hurting and didn’t realize my back pain was related to my feet pain until Sunday when I woke up with v...
4 years ago
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Not for high arches
I have high arches and I have scoliosis, so my legs and are hips usually tight which means that I was still in pain even with these insoles. I increased my activity level in the last 6 months, and I noticed that my ankles and feet hurt every day that I walked more than 5,000 steps. I also had the an...
9 months ago
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Perfect for casual shoes
I got these for a pair of slip on tennis shoes for casual wear and they're great for that. Excellent arch support and nice low profile. Not ideal for heavy athletic wear though. I forgot my sports insoles once and had to use these for a rugged 12+ mile hike. The arch support was still there but, bec...
1 year ago
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Good quality and lasts a while
So these are the carbon version of the black soles from super feet. These work particularly well for athletic shoes like soccer shoes, which have a tighter fit. Using these for dress shoes is going to depend on the fit of the shoe. I have some designer dress shoes in which the soles are not removabl...
3 years ago
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