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Sufix 832

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  • Great for casting
  • Stays knotless better than other brands
  • Holds color well
  • More popular braided line in the market
  • Less likely to fray with use


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Best braid I've used so far!
I started using this line the Spring of 2014 and just replaced the old line with a new 300yards/30 Lbs spool. I've used PowerPro, SpiderWire, and so far Sufix's 832 has been the best to my experience. I'm a SurfCaster from RI, so I'm constantly out there and this line has not failed me yet as oppose...
Help choosing braid
Sufix 832 has been the best value for me and the quality has been one of the best I've used, I have 20lb on 3000 BG and it has been flawless for the past year now.
Best line out there
Only line I use anymore. Casting is second to none and it has a nice round profile so it flies through the guides with ease. 4 stars because the color did fade out but overall I'm very satisfied. I hope you see this review and mark helpful please
Andrew Masotto
6 years ago
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Sufix 832 Braid Tackle Breakdown
832 is right up there with most if not all the four carrier braids that are on the market, but it gives you like I said that, extra casting distance and smaller diameter per pound test. so it's a absolutely killer fishing tool on finesse tackle on spinning rods. It definitely shines on spinning rods over most four carrier braids, if not all, and even in casting tackle, it casts further and it's quieter in the grass
Bass Utopia
2 months ago
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Great new Braid
Like all braids you do have to use special knots or it wont work correctly. This braid keeps its color better than other brands. This braid seems more firm and a little stiffer than other brands making it easier to work with, tie knots and to cast. It is a round braid and will not saw your line guid...
Line is strong, flexible, and holds its color.
The previous braid I used lost its color and seemed to fray (get fuzzy) with use. This line casts well and holds knot very well. It is so limp it can be hard to get through the eye of a hook and is more difficult to cut than monofilament. I therefore always use a mono or fluorocarbon leader with it ...
10 months ago
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Just got new braid (Power Pro 20lb, red) and… I hate it.
What I liked about my 832: soft, smooth, pliable, thin. It was easy to work with like silk sewing thread. It held almost zero memory to the spool unlike mono (and most likely power pro)so it made trying super easy especially with a palomar knot.
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Strength Test (DEAD WEIGHT - dry test) for line #30
Strength Test (DEAD WEIGHT - dry test) for line #30. I tested the line for strength 4 times. Broke at 17-18 pounds between the knots not at the knot or at the weight.
Way below its quoted strength of 30 pounds.
DO HOME WORK before put an expensive lures.
3 years ago
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Spendy but worth it
Spring wiper fishing in the DesMoines River means you need unparalleled strength, durability and abrasion resistance. This line has that. Would recommend. Replaced my 20lb Kast King with 10lb Suffix and gained crazy reach with similar strength.
Angus Thermopyle
5 months ago
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Great line !!
This line performed great as you can see by this 32lb Blue cat !!
5 years ago
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