Spyderco Kapara

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  • Great for EDC
  • Compression lock is small and slippery
  • Blade is made from VG-10
  • Comes with a pocket clip for easy carry
  • An ambidextrous thumb hole


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Spyderco Kapara Review | BladeReviews.com
Spyderco Kapara Review – Final Thoughts..In the end, the Kapara exceeded even my initially high expectations for the knife
6 months ago
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3rd Omega spring to go in 6 months of ownership 🥲
Only had one break after years of use. Maybe try something that uses my other favorite lock, compression. You can get a PM2, or Kapara since it reminds me of the 940 but way more ergo. Spyderco also makes the Manix with ball bearing lock.
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My Spyderco Kapara CQI with Ironwood scales from Cuscadi - what is your opinion on the Kapara?
Kapara is a great knife and deserves to become a classic Spyderco. Great ergonomics, really useful blade shape, awesome blade to handle ratio, slim design, great compression lock action.
1 year ago
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Shirogorov Neon Zero. Everything should be ground like this.
Middle class dude with a Neon Lite here to say that the humble yet ready to party Spyderco Kapara has an awesome Awesome grind as well
9 months ago
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Help choosing a folding knife!
I’d recommend the kapara. It’s a little big, but getting it chopped could be a great mod to get in the future.
Very good knife - Almost excellent
Long story short, just get this knife. It’s one of the best knife Spyderco made hands down.
My only complaint and for this knife to get 4 stars and not 5 is because the compression lock being small and slippery - for the best ergonomics, Spyderco needs to address those issues and then u got a knife ...
Sam L.
2 years ago
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Spyderco Military Titanium Custom with Leather scabbard-holster
Nice! Blade shape makes it look kind of like a heavy duty liner lock Kapara. Sweet carry setup too in that scabbard. 10/10.
Sorry if this doesn’t belong here-
That is the best budget knife in my opinion and will give you a good perspective of what you can get with your money. Then I would add a nice bugout. You can get a 535bk-4 for around $200 on knife swap, which is a great knife. If you want something a little bigger then I would go with the spyderco kapara or trm atom both you can get for around $200.
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Looking for a new EDC, preferably with a finger choil.
Well If you want a folder with a finger choil then it’s probably gonna be a Spyderco, and if it’s gonna be a Spyderco I’d go with THE BEST one currently in production-the Kapara... It’s just hard to beat for an all around edc, it replaced the PM2/3 for me... Good looking, perfect thickness(slices like a wetdream but not too thin to worry), light weight(same weight as a pm3 but w/ a bigger blade, even pockets/carries better!
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Blade Material

Cpm S30v Stainless Steel

Handle Material

Carbon Fiber & G-10 Laminate

Knife Length

4 3/8 Inches(folded/closed)

Manufactured in