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Sony ZV-1

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  • Great for vlogging
  • Fully articulated screen that can pivot to face you
  • Fast continuous shooting speed
  • Image quality is amazing for still photography
  • Not a bad choice for still photography either


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A comparison to DSLR and smart phones
I'm a semi-professional photographer and I always jump on the chance to review cameras because I love them. This one is such a unique product that I'm really excited about it. My review will mainly be a comparison of whether or not you should get this camera (the Sony ZV-1) as opposed to a DSLR or e...
2 years ago
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Do not buy for video in high quality
I trid to film in 4K and ZV-1 turned off every 5-7 min without even saving it. In 1080 you might have 10-12 min but I wouln't rely on it if you need a good quality video. For vlogging purposes in 720 maybe but still, better double check. Glad there is free return cause I bought 2 of them.
8 months ago
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Cheaply made
Cheaply made and over priced. I returned this one and it took me calling Amazon 3 times and almost a month to get my money back.
10 months ago
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Great point and shoot camera. Very compact usually fits in my front jeans pocket.
Great point and shoot camera works very well and for the money. I picked this because I didn't need a camera with interchangeable lenses and it's worked out great. I think eventually once I up my photography skills your feet skills I will buy a better camera camera that has interchangeable lenses le...
Brett f.
2 months ago
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Amazing vlogging camera!
The ZV1 was clearly designed for vloggers. Absolutely impressed by the eye auto focus tracking. Keeping myself in focus has been a challenge at times with people around me, but no more. You can just touch your picture on the touch screen and it will constantly focus on your eye. The background defec...
Just a guy
2 years ago
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6 Best Point-And-Shoot Cameras - 19 Tested - Spring 2022
If you're a vlogger looking to make the jump from a smartphone to a dedicated camera but still want something portable, the Sony ZV-1 is an excellent option. This compact point-and-shoot is for vloggers, with a lightweight body that you can carry around for long periods with minimal fatigue. Its sma...
7 months ago
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Is there anything that's better for video than an iPhone but in similarly small size/form factor?
Consider the Sony ZV-1. Very portable, great video, and under $700.
Is this modified RX100 a YouTuber’s dream pocket camera?
In 2020, I hope I don’t have to convince you that vlogging is not a frivolous activity, but a real genre of video that can range from hobby to full-time job to full-blown media company. That is why it’s so strange to me that so few cameras are custom-designed for it.
Sony’s ZV-1 is an attempt to fil...
Dieter Bohn
7 months ago
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Looking for suggestions on a camera. Gonna be using it for Recording haircuts in a barbershop and some vlogging throughout the day. Not to informed on cameras other than basic knowledge and YouTube. What I’ve been eyeing do far⬇️⬇️ please leave any suggestions
ZV-1 is perfect for this if simplicity is what you're after. It's purpose built for you.
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Sony ZV-1 Review
The Sony ZV-1 is a pocketable camera with strong still image quality and features geared specifically toward vloggers.
Jim Fisher
7 months ago
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Model Name

Sony ZV-1 Camera for Content Creators and Vloggers

Form Factor


Effective Still Resolution

20.1 MP