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  • Great for pet hair
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Powerful suction on carpets and rugs
  • No cord or hose to get in the way


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Perfect Vacuum
This vacuum had everything I was looking for + a 10 year warranty to back it all up. Very happy with my purchase.
Brandon G on Aug 15
53 years ago
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I’ve got 50% carpet and 50% hardwood with carpeted stairs, two kids and a dog in a 2500 sq ft house. My two finalists are the Miele C3 HomeCare and the Sebo E3. The Sebo has that “fun to drive” factor and larger bags so I’m leaning towards that one.
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So, after reading about vacuums on here for a couple years now, I finally has the opportunity to pull the trigger on Black Friday last year at a brick and mortar. I was flipping back and forth between the Miele cat and dog and the Sebo E3. I don’t really know much about vacuum cleaners but I did find it appealing that I could have the same machine for 20 years and have a cleaner house. Now, a little about my situation.
New Miele is impossible to push on high pile carpet
But for a significant amount of carpet, especially high pile you’ll want a powerhead - which has an electrical motor powered brush roll instead of an air-suction driven turbine. The top recommendations are the Miele c3 and Sebo E3 for canisters, or the zero g if your budget doesn’t allow for those. Or the sebo felix if you prefer an upright.
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Its relatively heavy (25-30lbs) and is very loud but cleans well. Has a ton of quirks especially with all of the attachments but if you have the time to deal with and accept those quirks, its a pretty good vacuum. On hard floors with the floor attachment, it literally sucks the floor nozzle to the floor so id say suction is adequate.
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Vacuum Recommendation
Easy to maintain and bags and parts aren’t too expensive. I think you should find a local Sebo Dealer and take a look at the Sebo K3 $799 and Sebo E3 $999. Both of these come with a power head for best carpet cleaning but you might be able to use an E2 Turbo $599 if you have a small amount of low-medium pile area rugs.
After years of horrible vacuums, I finally learned about Miele and Sebo. Sebo seems more friendly maintenance-wise, but I thought they were supposed to be less expensive than Miele? Not sure what to do.
If you intend to use the vacuum to vacuum any carpet at all, you need to get a model with an electrobrush such as the Sebo E3 (what I have). They will also do a lot better at vacuuming your rugs too. The entry level Miele and Sebo canisters that you mentioned do not come with an electrobrush and cannot be upgraded to use one, but they are great for vacuuming hard floors. A year ago these would have run you around $900 but now I see they easily push over $1000.
Vacuum recommendations!
Just got a SEBO E3 last week and love it! Went in to get a Miele C3, but got sold on the SEBO when the technician started showing me how much easier the SEBO was to service, how the Miele seemed to be cheapening out on parts, and how much less the bags on the SEBO are. Both looked really good, but for the same price, the SEBO seemed like the obvious choice when sitting side by side. Both made in Germany too!.
Recmendation for Suction power > anything else.
If you home is larger, or you'd like the features of a larger vacuum (longer cord, longer hose, larger bag), look into the Lindhaus HF-6 ($800-850), Miele Complete C3 Kona ($899), or SEBO E3 ($999). Canister vacuums tend to outdo their upright counterparts on suction at the end of the hose, so they can do a great job on carpets when combined with an electric nozzle.
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$ 799 later, I finally shut up about my Toto and Bio-bidet. Now, all heart eyes are on this girl.
Scored this floor model Sebo E3. Thanks to this sub, my life is in technicolor now.