Sebenza 31

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  • Great for sharpening
  • Handle is comfortable to hold
  • Easy to sharpen with the included sharpener
  • Comes with a sheath that can be used for storage or as a stand
  • Includes free shipping


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Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza 31 Voted Best New High-End Knife |
Presented by: Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpeners The Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza 31 is the KnifeNews Readers’ Choice for Best New High-End Knife 2020! The latest in this legendary line leaped into the lead, looming over other luxurious luminaries like the Liong Mah Designs Light Duty EDC, Shirogorov Quantum, Terrain 365 Mako, and Zero Tolerance 0707.
6 months ago
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Picked up my first CRK. Best knife I’ve ever owned.
Got this small s45vn sebenza 31 last week and have been using it everyday while moving into my new apartment. It’s hands down the best knife I’ve ever owned. Haven’t touched any of my Spydercos since and don’t plan to honestly. The overall fit/finish is perfect and it has the most solid lockup I’ve ever felt.
1 year ago
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Mail day! Got my grail knife today, so stoked!
Got the small sebenza 31 plain in today, such a gorgeous knife, and like many people online say it really does feel like an expensive knife.
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Said I’d use it, didn’t think I’d actually have to…
Got in my CRK Sebenza 31 and said I’d actually use it, didn’t think it’d be like this… Added some scratches to the blade while cutting toilet caulk. Guess it’s officially a user now.
1 year ago
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Reports of Chris Reeve Sebenza 31 Pocket Knives Suffering from “Lock Rock”
There are other inlays, including with exotic woods, and “unique computer graphics” models with machined and colored highlights that offer striking decorations. The Sebenza 31 is a new model, with rolling releases taking place over the past few months. It’s not an easy investment – at least in my opinion – even as an editorial review expense
5 months ago
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My wife got me an early birthday gift.. I opened it up to find this (CRK Large Sebenza). She said "my cousin Joe said this was a good one". Thank you, wife.. and thank you, cousin Joe.
I have a small sized knife collection, mostly all "budget" knives. I had zero clue that she would buy me another knife (to replace the Kizer), and NO idea she would buy a brand new Sebenza 31 (I had never mentioned it, as I thought she would think I was crazy to want a $450 knife). Opened my gift, and was so surprised. This is pretty much my "Grail Knife".
James Brand, we need to talk
Yet you still managed to do just that, and with an eye watering price tag to match. I understand the market you’re going for, and I know not everyone has to love every design, but I fail to see any appeal to even to that crowd when a Sebenza 31 with micarta inlays cost less than this.
1 year ago
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Make another guy’s day and recommend me (his wife) a knife to get him after I lost his EDC
Nothing says I love you more than a small Sebenza 31 from Chris Reeve:) It's a bit pricey at $350 but if are able to afford it, it's fantastic. The other Spyderco and Benchmade suggestions here are also stellar choices.
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Small Sebenza 21 Review — Everyday Commentary
Design: 2 After 21 years, this knife has had an evolutionary period longer than almost any other (see Spyderco Endura and Delica as rivals). The time paid off.
First Chris Reeve Knife
The tip on the drop point has more metal behind it, width-wise, but the Insingo blade has more metal behind the tip height-wise. The Sebenza 31 is definitely an improvement over the Sebenza 21, with the arguable exception of the angled pocket clip, but it's an evolutionary improvement, not a revolutionary one.
1 year ago
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Blade Material

Psf27 Steel

Handle Material

Black G-10

Knife Length

10 Inches(overall)

Manufactured in