Saucony Freedom 3

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  • Great for walking
  • More cushion than Kinvara
  • Less cushion than Triumph
  • Better upper than both
  • Best for walking - Could be sloppy / loose for narrow feet


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Overall a great shoe!
This is a stable and flexible shoe. Very comfortable and supportive for daily long walks with my dog. Really love the Freedom 3 style.
4 months ago
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* Shoes: Currently running in Saucony Freedom 3 ISOs and love them. Used to run in Kinvaras but like Freedoms better.
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Like slippers on pavement
Really like these shoes, very cushy. No motion control at all so had to adjust to that. Easy pair to slip on at any time.
Gary L.
6 months ago
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Its a keeper!!!
- normal to wide toe box - More cushion than Kinvara - Less cushion than Triumph - Better upper than both - Best for walking - Could be sloppy / loose for narrow feet - Laces are short - first try on is best ever - 8 hours walking all day creates hot spot in center foot if higher arches - best for f...
1 year ago
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I'd say the Reebok Floatride Energy 3, Reebok Floatride Panthea, Brooks Hyperion Tempo, Skechers Razor 3, and Saucony Freedom 3 are the closest currently. There a bunch of upcoming shoes that will fit well in this spot that have been getting positive reviews as well. These are the Hoka Mach 4, New Balance Fuelcell Rebel 2, Saucony Freedom 4, Puma Liberate Nitro, and Skechers Razor Excess. ADDITIONALLY, the Endorphin Speed is a great shoe and a lot of people are reccomending it in this slot.
Saucony Freedom 3 Shoe Review - FueledByLOLZ
With how light it is, you don’t feel like you are being weighed down. Saucony Freedom 3 Conclusion:. The Saucony Freedom 3 is a good jack of all trades shoe
4 months ago
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How loyal are you to your favorite running shoe model and why?
I'm a loyalist to the Saucony Freedom line except that they royally screwed up the Freedom 4. The original through the 3 were just perfect for me. They're the only shoes I've ever found that are both super flexible and very responsive.
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Saucony Freedom 3 Review
It's definitely worth a try anyway. Those are my thoughts on the saucony freedom. 3
Runners Glide
4 months ago
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A great shoe, but if it had more cushioning it would be a lot better. I would prefer the low heel to drop of less then 5mm from this shoes and onwards because of my knee tendonitis.
Yash Hooda
5 months ago
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Underrated shoes
Saucony Freedom series: very comfortable, extremely durable;
New Balance Beacon series: NB's lightweight Freshfoam tempo shoes. Fast and responsive and feather light.



Textile and polyurethane




Rubber and EVA