Sailor Pro Gear

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  • Great for daily use
  • It is not the best for long term writing
  • Pen is a bit short when posted
  • Rhodium trim looks amazing
  • Nib is a bit scratchy


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Highly recommended
I have developed a bit of a fountain pen habit, and I have two of these- one in Medium with Rhodium trim, customized by a well known seller, and this one in gold with a fine nib. The first thing I will say is that this pen is exceptional. My pen collection contains many pens, some more affordable, a...
4 years ago
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The epitome of reliability
Bought this a year ago and was skeptical at first because of its size and the exceedingly glowing critiques of the Sailor nib. As time passed, however, the pen's brilliant design has become increasingly obvious. Though rather short when compared to the Sailor 1911 and many other pens, it's almost pe...
7 years ago
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Battle Scars: Revisiting the Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black after Five Years — The Gentleman Stationer
Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black from a “looks and functionality” perspective. I don’t see this pen ever leaving my collection. That said, it’s stunning to me that five years later, Sailor has declined to lower what I feel is an outrageously expensive asking price to something more reasonable
green is not a creative color
* Sailor Pro Gear Slim - Shikiori “Dragon Palace” // Lennon Tool Bar Atmospheric Firmament. * TWSBI Eco - Jade // Diamine Emerald. * KBD8X MKII in a custom cerakote color // SA Jadeite Keycaps.
Good starter fountain pen
Your budget is way high for a good starter pen :-) lucky him. For that budget a Sailor pro gear slim, Platinum 3776, pilot custom 74 and several good pens could be his options. Depends a lot on writing style, size of the hand and other preferences. Honestly, if he has not written with fountain pens extensively yet, I would start with a Pilot Metropolitan.
Sailor Pro Gear Ocean Fountain Pen Review — The Pen Addict
” This Sailor Pro Gear Ocean is the epitome of that for me.
4 months ago
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Better than a pilot MR but not sure If it justifies the price diff
By no meanings I am an expert, I just want a fine nib fountain pen that I could write in the long run. I used to write with Pilot MR and really enjoyed it for daily writing, but maybe cuz my lack of knowing how to maintain the nib, usually after a year the nib gets stuck and I replace it with a new ...
Shirley G
2 years ago
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Sailor Pro Gear: Apre Ski — An Unexpected Letter
Though it is my first Pro Gear, it is my 5th Sailor pen, and it is my favorite. For a limited edition Sailor that can be difficult to get, I think the price of $272 is pretty good, but I do know that can come as sticker shock to a lot of people who are new to the hobby. For me, that price was worth it, but there are many, many pens in that price range that can deliver more bang for your buck depending on what you want/need/like in a pen
Is it just me or?..
To me, Sailor nibs are far more scratchy on the paper than Pilot's. And in my turn, I'd say that Pilot nibs give me that exact feeling of a pencil!. The only nibs I could compare are on Sailor Pro Gear Slim (EF) and Wancher Japan Blue (M) vs Pilot 823 (M).
My GFs first fountain pen. She says “it’s interesting…” but doesn’t quite seem sold on them yet.
I have this pen, it’s beautiful but heavy. To me it’s not a first pen, particularly with a stub. It would feel really weird to her if she’s only used ball points, gel or fine liners. If you really want to hook her in get her a Sailor Laguiole, if you have cash to splash around a Sailor Pro Gear slim in a fine or medium nib point.
1 year ago
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