Sailor 1911L

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  • Great for left-handed people
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive design
  • Unique color
  • Affordable


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Fountain Pen Review: Sailor 1911 Fresca Regular with Fine Nib
not FLEX flex, but the nib was light and easy to write with. It was not a “hard as nails” nib. I think this is where the Sailor nibs excel
The feedback is definitely there on my 1911L, but I'm just not seeing it as over-the-top great as is often mentioned. As much criticism as German pens often get for being overpolished(and I do find modern Pelikans way too smooth), I find vintage Montblancs and pretty much any MB Oblique grind to have really good feedback. The Sailor definitely has more, but it's almost to the point of being scratchy and not pleasant to me. Again, I like "sharp pencil" feedback, but this goes just a bit beyond that.
It's not exactly like any other fountain pen
Precious resin and cheap plastic look and feel a lot alike. This attractive pen is very light in weight, so much so that my perception of the black material from which the body of the pen is made is that it is thin. When I pick up a Montblanc Meisterstück 146, which is closer in size to the Sailor 1...
Dr. S.
4 years ago
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Sailor 1911L Kagero Green (Pen Boutique Exclusive): A Review — The Pen Addict
(I purchased the Sailor 1911L Kagero from Pen Boutique at full price with my own funds.) Enjoy reading The Pen Addict? Then consider becoming a member to receive additional weekly content, giveaways, and discounts in The Pen Addict shop. Plus, you support me and the site directly, for which I am very grateful
4 months ago
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I ruminated for a month or more between two pens. I had read so many critiques mostly about my other possibility. In the end I went with the Sailor 1911 L, mostly because of its size. BUT, I can’t imagine a pen writing better than this one. I love everything about it.
Nancy-Ellen S.
9 months ago
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The Pen Boutique Exclusive: Sailor 1911 Large Kagero Green (with zoom nib)
I enjoyed the mild tactile response and writing with it was effortless. Earlier I mentioned that I have been experimenting with some less conventional nibs. As part of that, I chose to review the version of this pen with Sailor’s Zoom nib
4 months ago
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What pen gave you the most buyer's remorse? The least?
The pen feels great in the hand, but I couldn't learn to get along with the nib, even after smoothing it a bit. The only fountain pen I've owned that made my handwriting look worse. Least: Took the plunge on a Sailor 1911L with a 21k MF nib, and now I have two more to go along with it.
1 year ago
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Pen Review: Sailor 1911 Large
Perhaps the most “blingy” portion of the pen is the small metal band around the bottom of the cap that has the brand and model text engraved into it. While there is nothing particularly exciting about the pen, Sailor has made sure that they treat the understated materials with the utmost respect, and turn out a fine quality product as a result. The pen feels very well-made
4 months ago
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Sailor 1911 Fountain Pen Buyer's Guide
If you've already experienced other gold nibs, and you have the budget to splurge, then the 21kt gold is definitely worth the investment. You won't be disappointed with the writing quality. We hope that this guide will help you make your decision in choosing a Sailor 1911 pen
4 months ago
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Wanting to try an “entry level” gold nib pen, and looking for recommendations.
Mine is a soft medium, and it is just beautiful. Plenty of ink capacity too with a CON-70. I think I paid $140 for mine from PenSacchi. You may be able to get a Sailor Pro Gear or 1911L for under $200.



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