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  • Great for adults
  • Beautiful components
  • Rules for solo play
  • A great adaptation of the board game
  • Concept is fairly simple


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Barcelona last week 😊 we totally fell in love with this place !
Barcelona is a real gem! Your pics are missing the most iconic place but hope you did visit the Sagrada Familia :) !. I cannot think of many major cities in the world that have so much to offer in terms of food, culture, art , history , sports and entertainment that also have amazing urban beaches :) Rio and Sydney and Cape Town maybe but none can beat Barcelona!.
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Sagrada - In-Depth Review
You score points from your personal objective and the group objectives, which are set at the beginning of the game and can't be adjusted based on the available dice. Guest Geek's Take. Sagrada is more of a puzzle that I am trying to solve than a game
3 months ago
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Beautiful and beguiling
This is, hands down, one of the prettiest board games I've ever seen. The concept is fairly simple : build a stained glass window while adhering to the rules. Same colors can't be next to each other. Same with numbers. That red spot on your board? You can only put a red die in there. There are sever...
5 years ago
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Review: Sagrada, a top dice-drafting board game, goes digital
Sagrada is another hit, maybe the company’s best yet because the game itself was already so good.
3 months ago
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Review: Sagrada - Shut Up & Sit Down
That said, each game is going to feel similar to the last, and while there’s a selection of different patterns and victory conditions, these don’t change either the tactics or the arc of the game. The tools are the best way to mix things up and having only three of these available each time actually ends up feeling like a limitation. I constantly wanted to be using more of these, more often, to be both creative and disruptive
What city really let you down?
I love Seville and Spain in general. Seville is my 2nd favorite city there so far behind San Sebastián.
Agree that Barcelona was OK. La Sagrada Familia is pretty awesome though.
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Azul vs. Sagrada
The moving a die might open a spot for future gain but also hinders a player as it guarantees a spot will not be filled. These Tools, while adding variability and some complexity, at least give the player an opportunity to handle the randomness of the game. If you’re a purist and like to see the entire player board complete, Sagrada is definitely a game that allows you to do that
3 months ago
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Sagrada Is A Surprisingly Chill Game Of Stained Glass Splendor - The Fandomentals
The Verdict? Sagrada is a competitive and pretty fast game, but it’s not quite as stressful as some similar games can be.
3 months ago
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Game Review: Sagrada Life
You can read our review of that expansion here: Gaming with Sidekicks reviews: Sagrada Passion For those already familiar with Sagrada, the mechanics and additions of this game expansion are once again straight forward. As a review, Sagrada is a dice drafting game where players take turns trying to pick dice that best match their personal objectives and stained glass windows. Dice fit certain designs as you build up your window, matching colors and numbers to the underlying board design
It's a very nice adaptation of the board game. It looks nice and the interface is good. My one gripe is against the rules of Sagrada rather than the e-version adaptation: The solo game difficulty is way too hard. I consider myself a decent player, but my win ratio on easiest difficulty is around 20%...
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1 year ago
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