Royal Kludge RK68

Royal Kludge RK68

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Great value for the price
Clean and sleek design
Hot-swappable feature
Tri-mode wireless support
Affordable starting price
Not suitable for everyone due to the layout
Issues with stability of keys and Bluetooth connectivity
LEDs on motherboard cannot be removed


Overall, the Royal Kludge RK68 keyboard has received mixed reviews. Some users find it to be a great value for the price, with a clean and sleek design, while others have experienced issues with the stability of the keys and the Bluetooth connectivity. Upgrading the stabilizers and keycaps is recommended by some users to improve the overall experience. The hot-swappable feature is appreciated by many, but it is important to note that the LEDs on the motherboard cannot be removed. The layout may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those who require a longer right shift key. The RK68 is a good budget option for those looking for a 60% keyboard with tri-mode wireless support.


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