Res Arcana

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  • Great for 2-4 players
  • Quick to learn, scales well from 2-4
  • Award winning game
  • Magical items, artifacts, and dragons
  • 3 steps per round


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We've looked into a lot of games that people have recommended to us, based on our love for Terraforming Mars: Underwater Cities, Viticulture, Res Arcana, ++. We really enjoyed both Res Arcana and Viticulture, great games, though not quite like TM.
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My pick for the game of 2019
This game is incredible. Pretty quick to learn, the hardest part is learning the symbols, and the game provides a handy reference for that. Scales amazingly well from 2-4, and is simply a joy to play. I am continually amazed by the strategic depth with only a hand of 8 cards to work with at the begi...
Mike the guy
3 years ago
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Res Arcana Review – Wizards Being Wizards For 30 Minutes – Meeple...
Almost at the finish line. Would I recommend Res Arcana?. Four-player games is where I would only recommend if you get the expansion
3 months ago
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Res Arcana was definitely my favorite game so far on there. We were about to try it out on tabletop simulator and I noticed it was on Board Game Arena so we tried it on there and I personally was quite amazed.
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Res Arcana Review
Final Score: 5 Stars – A remarkably elegant and simple game to learn, Res Arcana reveals itself to gamers through repeated plays, and delivers a rewarding game experience for all levels of player. Hits:. • Simple design belies its many rewarding decisions
3 months ago
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Halfway through my first play however, I was certain Res Arcana was going to be one of my favorite games. The iconography is very understandable. There is a relatively small number of icons and they are used so prevalently that it was easy to memorize them. The fantasy theme beautifully fit the mechanisms of the game.
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Terrific Engine-Building Card Game! BUT needs more cards.....
Res Arcana is a neat engine building game. Players are wizards (with different powers) who are completing with each other to build the greatest...victory point total! Yeah, the theme is generic fantasy, and is the weakest part of the game (hence the loss of a star). However, the game mechanics are s...
william peteresen
3 years ago
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Dale Yu: Review of Res Arcana
Res Arcana is a different story as I have learned this with everyone else who is learning it so I don’t have that feeling of being behind. It’s interesting to me how they attempted to balance a game like this where everyone is randomly dealt 8 cards and that’s what they have to work with. For the most part, this has worked perfectly, most everyone is on an even field, but I am still waiting for the hammer to fall and see that hand that is just dead in the water before it even starts
3 months ago
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What Did You Play This Week? - (September 27, 2021)
RA is the best, with Tigris just behind it, then Through the Desert than this neck and neck with it. I love the comboing. I do find the special abilities a bit lopsided though and everyone just tends to take 1 or 2 of them, but maybe we just are too scared to explore the other ones. Holy, that was a bit of typing, hope you enjoy the read.
Res Arcana seems cool, but my gf would hate the theme. Hell, I’ve even been considering picking up Splendor because what I want is essentially a quick engine-builder, and this ticks that box, but seems like it might be a little light for my tastes. I’m aware San Juan (or is it Porto Rico) is a spiritual predecessor of Race but from what I’ve heard about the differences between the two it does seem like it would just play much like an inferior Race (plus it’s hard to find atm). TLDR: Im looking for something that has the element of emergence, exploiting synergies (with regards to building engines) without them being too ‘obvious’ (and having lots of options with regards to strategy e.g.


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14 years

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2 to 4


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