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Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Concealer

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Great formula for those with lighter under eye circles
Creamy and emollient formula
Natural finish and medium coverage for the foundation
Convenient to purchase on Amazon
Gratitude dewy lip balm has a ton of pigment and is hydrating
Not ideal for those with darker under eye circles without a color corrector
Requires multiple layers for desired coverage
May not be a favorite concealer for some users


Overall, the Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Concealer has received mixed reviews. While some users love the creamy and emollient formula, others found that it required multiple layers to achieve desired coverage. It is suggested that the concealer may work better with a color corrector underneath. However, those with lighter under eye circles may find this product to be a great fit. The Rare Beauty foundation has received high praise for its natural finish and medium coverage. Other Rare Beauty products, such as the gratitude dewy lip balm and setting/priming spray, have also been positively reviewed. It is noted that purchasing Rare Beauty products on Amazon can be a convenient alternative to shopping in-store.


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