Platinum Procyon

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  • Great for beginners
  • Writes well
  • Reliable steel nib
  • Looks more expensive than it is
  • Low ink consumption


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Very good!
The pen is what I expected! Very good! For the supplier, nothing to comply! Everything normal, can you believe it? :-)
Daniel D.
2 years ago
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Fountain Pen Review: Platinum Procyon Maki-e, Brush Warbler on Plum Tree
The Procyon did not disappoint! I filled it up and it wrote perfectly right out of the box. The nib is firm, but smooth and was a pleasure to write with. One of the features I’m most eager to put to the test is Platinum’s patented slip and seal cap
4 months ago
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Crazy looks
I live in a country where people know what it is, but having one good fountain pen as an adult is falling out of favor. Colleague saw my Platinum Procyon, said it looked 'high end' and asked what price range it was in. She gasped when I told her, said that was insane, there were good, non-kiddy fountain pens for half that, and I already have 'so many', do I need more than two?.
1 year ago
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This could be my one and only fountain pen.
Here is what I like about the pen... and what I don't like about then pen. Ok, let's get started. The nib is a Japanese Fine, but it is very smooth. There is some feedback and though there is more on cheap paper, it is not scratchy. I like the extra thickness of the section - it is more comfortable ...
Stephen F.
5 months ago
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Ok so I have a Platinum Perfounte I got very recently and I like it I must say. It feels a lot like the pilot vballs I used to use.
Pen Review: Platinum Procyon (100th Anniversary Edition) — The Gentleman Stationer
” Overall, I’ve enjoyed my time with the Platinum Procyon, which deserves to be mentioned alongside other fountain pens at the $50 price point such as the Pilot Prera. Personally, I prefer the size and heft of the Procyon over the Prera, which I’ve always found a bit too small for my personal taste.
Is there a buyers guide for next level pens after beginner pens?
Besides the steel-nibbed Sailors, TWSBI vac fillers, and midrange Lamy, you may want to take a look at the Platinum Procyon. The gimmick with this metal-bodied c/c pen (besides the Platinum slip and seal cap) is that you don’t have to lower the entire nib into ink to fill it, only up to the breather hole.
1 year ago
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feels great and works superb
I love the pen, it writes great, and is a great addition to my pen collection. I am a old beginner I used them years ago when I was young and then got away from writing with a fountain pen, as getting parts for my very old ones became a chore.
I love the new ones.
1 year ago
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What are your unpopular fountain pen opinions?
3. I wish the Platinum Procyon was an eyedropper pen instead of a cartridge/converter job — that's the one thing the Moonman M2 does better.
Pens with a pencil-like feedback
For good feedbacky nibs in a “reasonable” price range I’d look at the Platinum Procyon and Sailor Procolor. You want medium to match your western fine.
1 year ago
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